Ps5 Hydro Art sheet dipping GTA V (5) Edition


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    Sony Playstation 5 dualsense controller GTA V Hydro Dipping MOD
    More videos are coming (Nintendo switch , Xbox series X ... ) subscribe if you don't wanna miss them !

    Instagram: Tearitdown_official

    Ps5 Skin:
    Hydrographic film:
    Primer :
    Ps5 :
    Dualsense :
    Plz let me know in the comments if you liked or not !
    Thanks For watching !
    Song Name: GTA San Andreas Theme Song Remix( Trap Music HDTV )
    Music Provided by Trapmusic HDTV
    Video Link:

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      Beautiful 🔝🔝🔝

    2. atul tripathi

      you are soooo awesome who agree with me

    3. Alina Violeta Neacsu

      Mission pased respect +++

    4. Kaio Fonseca


    5. Jojo and Games

      Can i buy thant controller plz.Make a shop and i can buy it

    6. TheRetroVideoGameKiddo

      he's making a gta 5 controller while the gta san andreas trap remix is playing

    7. memes e gameplays

      i Love gta v 😍

    8. Cairo Rowe-dalley

      Im adding this to my song playlist

    9. Zigzag Blue

      Thanks for putting in slow motion

    10. Icaro Plays


    11. Samuel Russo

      you must wear rubber gloves

    12. Brayan Mayer El Moster

      Los mandos de play son como más complicados de desarmar que antes

    13. Marion Lollini

      Wat is it joy con rend

      1. Karolina Zawal


    14. DarkAngelsFN


    15. 509g1

      What happens if u just use hydro dip sheet activator and do spray paint a coat on the pad. Will it still work and stick permanently

    16. Omar Castellanos

      Next make a ps4 contolier sonic the hedgehog

    17. Filippo Ciara


    18. J5 TreMoW gz

      Niños esto no lo agan en su casa solo aganlo con sus padres porque osino su ps5 se puede ir a la v/#®%£

    19. BestGamerOnEarth101

      GTA is the best game in the world

    20. baxboy sesion

      Who buy this from gta v

    21. NitroBoxGaming Cloud

      How did he make it! Hats of to this man bro!

    22. Father_Bean

      That's more lit then the orphanage i set on fire

    23. Ana María Sabogal Ramirez

      Porque deseo la pley 5 ver romper el control me da miedo

    24. Роман Довгаль

      Хреново вышло

    25. Lilian Charlie

      I got my valid working credit card from *Starvendor* on telegram with a high balance on it thanks man I promise I will tell the world about you I think I did it

    26. Gablego98

      Whow this is amazing !!!😮

    27. Jorge V

      These edits are weird

    28. Mohammed Abbas

      Dislikers are those who don't have neither PS4 nor X-BOX

      1. NooberX


    29. GameBoi338

      Mission passed 10k rp 5k money

    30. Fırat Ali ARSLAN

      I Am Sorry.

    31. Aditya Kishore Singh

      Homemade PlayStation skin😂

    32. Pomidor TV


    33. jakethedog

      2:16 "wait, that illegal?"

    34. Mohammed Altaramah

      Do ot in fortnit

    35. Brittany Parenteau

      basically you Hydro dipped yourself

    36. Arjun Kaushik

      Lets appreciate how much time this man took to do this.

    37. Un Canal sin un nombre relevante

      Music GTA SA paint GTA V why?

    38. DIMONDBoys

      0:32 Kid: ok bye the controller dies Me: ;v

    39. -banana milk-

      why so dramatic

    40. Djamel BOUAKLINE


    41. stiani Wahyu

      Om me gat men

    42. Kakashi No Sensei

      You shoulth do a online shop we say of what we want something and you do it (im spanish)

    43. Luiz Guilherme Minecraft

      Dá uns vídeo né

    44. Vincent Forcier

      People who don't have anything related to a ps5: why are we still here, just to suffer. Me and the boys hydro dipping: EPIC

    45. Dr. mAtS

      More with ps 5 fortnight

    46. Ihsan Adel

      طاح حضك قبل جانت احلى 😂😂😂

    47. Daniyal 69

      Make a Dragonball super version

    48. GoDs_WiTh_Us

      Amagine you forgot how to put it back together 🤣👀

    49. майнсруфт ер


    50. HaRiT CH

      Nice content👍

    51. Fabiana Queiroz


    52. Максим Максимов

      1)посмотри в потолок 2) моргни 10раз 3) разошли это к 3 видио 4) посмотри пож подушку

    53. Dionisio Aguilar Leiva

      I HATE GTA V!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡

    54. Bourquoi

      It suck

      1. Bourquoi

        Because he dont customize all the controller

    55. A scorpion

      OMG 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍

    56. Кирил Белый

      Русские вы где?

    57. Trey Schoenwetter

      dude thats bad ass i think ima try my xbox 1 controller

    58. gab Gabriel

      Esse jogo e muito bom

    59. Francis El calacas

      how do you do it?

    60. Rommel Mateo Flores Ramos

      jajaja ahora cuando armes el mando , ojalá y funcione jaja 🤣🤣😂🧋

    61. Popeye

      Joli ! tu le trouve ou le film GTA stp et ton activateur ...le miens est trop concentré je trouve sur mon aérographe meme avec le debit minimum .

    62. Mrsuperking Youtube631

      Ps5 waste of money because u can play ps5 games on ps4

    63. George Yanutsev

      when will ps5 be made again to buy it because it is sold out everywhere

    64. Jahlil Gore

      I didn't know you could even hydro dip a PS5 controller

    65. Kalem Timms

      Not gonna lie kind of satisfying

    66. Charles Andrews

      Could you customize someone’s controller from the comments

    67. juan José villamil

      what is that song

    68. Toddlers Gameplay

      Props to this guy this is the definition of greatness

    69. Sakthivel Nadar

      Before dipping - 100$ After dipping - 500$ (special gta v edition skin)

    70. シMAqs

      O MY GOOD! Gg amico

    71. Japanschnitzel

      i really want too have this! but wait.... i havent a ps5 . CRAP!

    72. Omar Castellanos

      Next do a ps4 with a sonic the hedgehog verian

    73. الحقيق


    74. Jamil Alkhatib

      ديم بوي ديييييييم

    75. bacon gamer

      i cant see this its broken o(╥﹏╥)o

    76. bacon gamer

      my samall heart cant see this i die:(

    77. Svetlana Petreska

      Fleх 100% from 100


      Ver isso é uma tortura pra mim

    79. Dark_Filo

      0:06 - 0:10 autotune on a dog

    80. GAME on PS5

      Это шедеврррррр

    81. Hadzi Zlatan Ivancevic


    82. Best gamer For ever

      Who have ps5

    83. Jamdergamer730

      Muy bueno pero yo pensaba que tambien iba a hacer la parte de abajo :/

    84. Blanca Garcia

      La mato f

    85. Henrique costa

      hi fortnit

    86. Elwen Ağazadə


    87. ايمن الهيتي الهيتي

      الله يرزقه مثله

    88. Alex Jay

      #Dreyhacks_ on Instagram got me access back to my account, I lost my account and it took Me 3 weeks. I contacted Sony but the issue persisted, had to contact the hacker #Dreyhacks_ on IG and he helped me. Feels good to have my account back.

    89. SCP-173-2

      *"Editing is my passion"*

    90. جوبا


    91. SNUCKS FF

      Caralho Caralho Que Foda Que Foda 101 Negão-2021

    92. El GaMer ok


    93. Warrior PLayZ

      Mission Passed Successfully ✅

    94. Thiago gameplays 16

      makes a Forza Horizon

    95. 효ᅧᅣᄉᄐ80

      Top e de BRASIL

    96. Ebrar Bajrami

      This guy really like gta sa

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    98. SAIEZ


    99. COMMAND_ALEX09 - Fortnite

      What a shit