Giants having fun !


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    Strongman Eddie Hall, Hafthor Bjornsson Funny and brian shaw are the funniest giants in the worlds ! enjoy these little clips.

    Clips uesed with the with agreement of :
    Eddie Hall:
    Brian Shaw:
    Hafthor Bjornsson:

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    1. TearItDown

      Thanks for watching guys, PART II uploaded

      1. Cohen Thiago

        @Sincere Isaac I will try it out right now. Looks great so far :)

      2. Sincere Isaac

        i dont know if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my gfs Instagram password by using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for Instaportal password hack if you wanna try it

      3. Jared Tandle

        Do these walking brick houses need to buy 2 seats on the plane?

      4. Zeus Ultra Instinct

        why is there strike heroes 1 music in 5:42

      5. Lila Kaya

        I am coming

    2. XΣΠΩ Π7

      I don't think I belong here...

    3. Shea G

      Can they wipe their own ass?

    4. michael nguyen

      The open jasmine lately melt because physician legally fade within a concerned close. dull, super aunt

    5. حمو العمل

      وين العرب

    6. 80sOutrunFan

      I love the energy, good guys.

    7. Augis

      they should play tennis :)

    8. Devin Bailey

      this was good fun

    9. Helmut Kirchweger

      03:14 lmao "Finish him !!!" made my day .... WAXALITY !!

    10. Leroy Bosty

      you should be in wwe

    11. benjamin lamey

      a bunch of elephant kids playing around. enjoying life and being jackasses ... they can be serious when they have to, but what an effort ...

    12. Betty Blue

      I'm gonna tell my kids these are the Bushwackers .

    13. Cosmo Days

      I think he poked the bear when he threw the medicine ball at Shaw

    14. The Mad Bomber

      some wizard cast a spell that turned walruses into humans

    15. Andre Hpunkt

      Ahh look at the big baby getting his eyebrows waxed. If he thinks that's bad, he should try *THE STRING* (now that's enough to make a grown man have his eyes water).

    16. r0ck dezzz

      wow its like a rhino vs an elephant

    17. Ask Me A Question About This Video

      Holy shit that sound at 0:09 scared me so bad I thought it was judgment day.

    18. 원스

      0:10 that sound destroyed my fking ears thanks I can't ear shit now

    19. PeasantThoughts

      If all the football lads in the UK looked like this there wouldn't be a fight in the world they could lose in!

    20. Nikt Niewiem

      1:35 doors to that elevator open and you don't know those guys, what do you do? :D

    21. Arya

      One slap from that hand and you're out of this dimension.

    22. Panchon Tlacuatzin

      Wtf how can anyone be so friggin huge

    23. Jakel666

      poor atv

    24. xTINYtOOthPICKx

      If all of these men started fighting each other literally no one would be able to stop them

    25. Mac P

      Eddie and Thor used to be friends and now they fight each other , sad

    26. Лев Жиглов

      I cant imagine what a disgusting smell the guys could release.

    27. Gauixiuz

      omg hahaha are you kidding me with the slapping in glass elevator xD i thought i was gona die!

    28. juju djul


    29. King Croc

      0:00 - 0:15 this is why i dont go to europe specifically britain

    30. F4Z6

      imagine standing in an elevator and 2 king kongs walk in

    31. dad of boi

      Boys don't grow up, they only grow bigger.

    32. The road to Area 51

      *H y d r a t i o n*

    33. Павел Жаров

      Угарные ребята =)

    34. Marcel Orłowski


    35. Salle Edstrom

      1:42 *Insert pornhub intro music*

    36. Mechanic

      Они забавные, как дети)

    37. manoj kumar

      Awesome!!! Having fun!!

    38. Billy Guthrie

      Strong man dodgeball lol

    39. Iori Yagami

      Logaritmo de HUgets XD

    40. Daniel Oktovian

      Life's though for this big guy

    41. Joshton

      Man walks in elevator: 😨

    42. Johnny Appleseed

      Siblings be like though😂😂


      💖ขอบพระคุณนะครับ💖 💛สุขภาพดีและแข็งแรง💛 ❤️โชคดีมีชัยร่ำรวยรุ่งเรืองนะครับผม❤️

    44. Zagier KZ

      Polska gurom

    45. Andzing yt

      0:28 is this how giants play dodgeball?

    46. Mental Duck

      my ears died at 0:09

    47. Aly cLk

      How to they fit in those elevators

    48. Kenneth Wells

      Straight up vikings

    49. Mike Horan

      If you sat next to me on a plane I'd be pissed. You should be buying 2 seats.

    50. LBDJ The Third

      Dude who got his shorts pulled down has some freaking tree trunks for legs. Seriously, trees look at him and say "DAMN!"

    51. Nerfius

      "Eddie Hall on a small quad is not real and he can't hurt you." Eddie Hall on a small quad: 7:36

    52. Bilirubin

      2:40 They all looks like Silverback, lol

    53. xx xx

      Brian and eddie are like brothers

    54. Loda Berg

      Как смешно, не могу (нет)

    55. mr bigglesworth


    56. Polin Ung

      Eddie Hall wins

    57. Sizzlik

      I wish i had such a giant as big i dont weigh more then a dry leaf i could take a ride and nobody would toss me around =P

    58. Reforged Criterion

      These guys may be muscle bound and can lift amazing things.. but their core strength is lacking.. They're like fat guys completely limited in mobility by their own weight. Probably can't even tie their own shoes.. Still fun to watch.

    59. Cuauhtemoc Vega Torres

      5:19 i feel so envy right now.

    60. Ugur Cicek


    61. طالب العلم

      ليش وصف الفيديو عربي والتعليقات انكليزيه؟

    62. FunkSoul


    63. zerson 99

      If you are a regular person without battle IQ or martial art you are f if you battle this big boys

    64. Shogun Universal

      This is one of the greatest videos.

    65. not dabber

      Click bait

    66. Marco Giovanni

      7:36 looks like donkey Kong on a bike on Mario kart 😂😂😂😂😂


      I lost it when he started spilling his yogurt on that guy

    68. Stian Aslaksen

      Eddie Hall has the most annoying personality ever. He acts like a bully.

    69. Wizzz Weed

      The strongest and the cutess man

    70. Matteo Bannatyne

      I love how it's always tit for tat with Brian and Eddy

    71. David Bowie

      Loved this.

    72. Rodrigo Emanuel

      0:30 if that was me my neck would snap in a heartbeat.



    74. Hairy Mango

      I’ll never understand how Brian took about 25kg of force to the head with easy and just shrugged it off

    75. Koputa Puuta

      punch of duches and turds

    76. I hate wasted food

      big child

    77. Reece Manser

      There like a bunch of big babies 😂

    78. NeinDochOohh!


    79. KillNichMich

      Title could be of an video of an adult video

    80. Ezek Wiggs

      Eddie looks so smol compared to them even though he’s 6.3 it’s scary

    81. Ricky Saucedo

      Eddie Hall is probably my favorite dude of the 3

    82. Drake Bowers

      I love when Hafthor Bjornsson gets hurt. Not cuz I don't like the guy, it is just so funny. 2:53

    83. farid yaghoubi

      BIG LIKE ,awesome

    84. Gabriel Manzanelli

      Uhhh amigo, cuando se cague muriendo lo van a tener que levantar con una grúa ma o meno 😂

    85. mohd muez

      Imagine being slap by giant

    86. Billy Bob

      If Tom Brady had these guys, he could have played in 20 Super Bowls.

    87. faddder

      9:23 POLSKA GUROM

    88. Extinct Riven

      These guys dont even have to look angry to show their strenght, they are radiating it alongside with the calm joy which i like in them the most

    89. Assassins Hunger

      I didn’t realise the Godzilla vs King movie had leaked already

    90. M Dueñaz

      So this is what my girlfriend puts up with when I’m around? Ooohhhh....I get it now. Sorry babe!

    91. Sanka Perera

      What? No *dehydrated* jokes?

    92. Murad Azizov

      Чё за ? Почему на русском написано а остальное все на английском

    93. Μπαρμπαγιαννης

      These guys have way too much fun i gotta experience that myself.

    94. Cameron Marren

      how much was that weight ball good lord..

    95. Juan KV

      Hahaha they are so funny ♥️

    96. Olivier Gomez_G2

      These guys look really fun and good nature. Some kind giants

    97. Soda Qandeel

      Whats the use of all these muscles if they can't move like how they used before they started building all of that

    98. Big Saggy

      I live Brian Shaw and Eddie hall, they are like best friends and it’s awesome.