Top 5 Fake Martial Art Masters EXPOSED During fights


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    so, this a top 5 of those no touch masters getting exposed during official fights,
    Enjoy !

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    1. B&N Ferguson

      I always see this last guy he is everywhere when it comes to the most fakest shitmasters I really want to kick his ass😄👍

    2. amit kumar


    3. 000 pete

      The master in business clothes behaved like Idi Amin in the swimming pool.

    4. Resad Ibrahim

      😅😅😅😅😅 a normal "kominism" !

    5. Sensor Tube

      I knew this GM. I accidently killed 2 person during the fight.

    6. P.S. Arturo

      The last one it’s the worst, and his loyal pawn that has an idiot face every time this bastard uses his “skills” I hope one day this SoB are exposed

    7. Avi Angel

      What you wanna know how I know it’s fake because he really said Bruce lee is fake that prob aren’t even him he died before that time so stupid

    8. Lezgin Kusarskiy

      Зашел чисто посмеяться ))

    9. solacefn

      Get a better mic

    10. Sultan Yurekli

      5:,20😂😂😂😂😂🚽🚽🚽👎👎👎 Kaka pox osturax what is it 😂😂😂😂

    11. 나다가

      Believe Jesus Christ. Be repent. Heaven and hell exist.

    12. Ricardo Solis

      Oscar awards goes to these fake Master. 2021 am soo done. Lol

    13. Daniel Domary

      El ultimo que , los alumnos aplauden es el pofesor girafales !!! Ja

    14. Bilal Rakouk

      شوفو لهداك البولا ١ ليمعا مول الكوستيم يعرف يمثل باين يخلص مليح شوفو ليمانيار نتاع وجهو رايح يعبدو 😂😂😂😂😂🤕😪

    15. Bad Ass Girls

      The Last Guy is Steven Seagal in real life

    16. Hello World

      The video commentator sounded like a baby!

    17. A Ho

      Hài vai lon

    18. fernando frucan

      Esto es más falso que la nueva constitución de chile

    19. Nich Salapuddin


    20. oliver oliver

      Fake fake

    21. Guillermo V

      Se puede ser tan boludo por Dios !!!

    22. maxky Bangna


      1. maxky Bangna

        Convulsive disorder 555 WTF

    23. Codyasian Rice

      Jesus Christ loves everyone and you

      1. Codyasian Rice

        @MTN Jesus Christ is the one

      2. MTN

        Allah ist one

      3. Aaron.,

        @Shredded Corpse xd

      4. Shredded Corpse

        But not you!

    24. Kondu2000 Kondu

      Ahahaha that's so funny lol

    25. nice one


    26. สายฟรี CABALM


    27. สายฟรี CABALM


    28. Hưng Nguyễn

      Top 1 is my VietNam 😁😁

    29. Али Полосин


    30. Омуров Завар

      Fake you

    31. Natan83

      I also have a special force ☝ Problem: "Huu....I'm a problem!" Me: "No, u're not" 💥💥💥💥 💥💥💥💥 Problem: "Ok, I'm fine." Me: "Done!"

    32. Raden RC

      Bruce lee. Menangis melihat ini

    33. Lastri Hidayat

      Stupid master🤣


      number one VietNam

    35. Ra Ny


    36. SID ALI

      Better the video without your annoying voice

    37. Yawg Zab dawb


    38. Varshan's Gaming

      your voice sounds like you're stuck in a claustrophobic box :)

    39. Did You Know It?

      Boxing mma is real This shit ass Kung Fu

    40. พลอยทับทิม พสุธรรม


    41. peab peab


    42. زي ني المايسترو

      اول اجنبي

    43. жу-жу

      Это клоуны.

    44. terry granlind

      Is it levels to this game 💪💪💪

    45. Joker

      Hater will say its all real

    46. Raja Boxing camp


    47. bogdan BN-VK

      А, так у него пиджак силы и всевластия 🤣

    48. Piano Naklangkeyboard


    49. Joan Olga Keine

      Talking in the video is a bad idea let the video be 🤔

      1. Atabala Shiriyev

        You are right

    50. Babbek Groß

      Chinese man in a suit can do things, of course, but there are a lot of curses, but this is kung fu

    51. Sam Bryant

      What these Masters are smoking to believe their own bullshit. Give me some please! I've done stupid shit. Not that stupid to fight MMA Fighter or any trained fighter!

    52. Saurav Mukherjee

      Last master need by kick on face..

    53. мося тв

      По телику то же самое, только про короновирус

    54. นาย เจเจ



      Title the world best dumb master

    56. Khol

      Those Asian students are so crazy they would think my fart was a god that is about to punished them if they don’t claps.

    57. José Guadalupe Rico castro

      Maestros ?

    58. อรพรรณตรี โพธิ์คํา


      1. Rich Speel

        That's what I was thinking

    59. Ariku Zimo

      Their act is 100% cartoon 🤣💔 I feel the master's students🌚💔 they had to put up a lot of act for their master

    60. orjado era


    61. Almsan Jar - ar

      Awkward...only drama

    62. Lea Jazz

      Only Anderson Silva can utilize wing chun in real fight.

      1. UNDEFEATED7000

        Pfff he must learn

    63. Glen Zefi

      All Kung fu is fake 🤣🤣

    64. Otoniel Fast Pallet

      Cambada de FALCARIOS MENTIROSOS enganadores..

    65. Cuong Phu

      Kiệt là số 1.ha ha

    66. Bebin Joseph

      That is not real bruese le

    67. PES2021 Black Dress

      Son of a.

    68. bertong putik

      hahaha kufururut master hahahaha

    69. Ocirej Plays

      The top 2 guy was maybe the one teached Hit how to use "Time skip"

    70. Andrew Smith

      What a disgrace on martial arts

    71. Joe


    72. dat tran

      K ngờ ở VN cũng có Hùynh Tuấn Kiệt được đưa vào danh sách bịp bợm thế giới

      1. 건우 Geon-u VN &예준 Ye-jun VN

        Cuộc sống mà :)

    73. Tyygandai Orozmatov

      Бурус ли😀

    74. Dusko Bajic

      Ovo je čista zajebancia

    75. UNDEFEATED7000

      The Nr.1 is not Fake u just don’t know Martial Arts.

    76. Shine Villanueva shiny

      The idiot master

    77. Bentoon Moota


    78. Amin Hashimi

      What the fuck he was doing anybody can do that shit haha 😂

    79. kai t

      Wth? I was hoping the last guy would get his ass kick. So disappointing

    80. It’s Miracle

      if you want to see the real martial arts, go and watch UFC. they are the real martial arts

      1. UNDEFEATED7000

        Pffff hahah

      2. Prabha Karan

        Yes I am MMA fighter, but this guys funny for kids

    81. Harold SV

      Faltó el "Maestro" Steven Segal

    82. Awesome VIDS


    83. 권오훈

      Now this clown needs to be in circus

    84. blahoslavjohn

      you are fake,

    85. Varrel pratama

      Jdi. Keinget cc

    86. Vanmanh Chu

      Nhin thang gia vo VN sao ma kham the.lua dao chu vo ve j kieu vay.nhin wa ng ngu cung thay.that nuc cuoi.

    87. Zoucho Jawad


    88. LEO M10 ik

      That Funny

    89. Dennis Rafanan

      1 is a MA idol school teacher.he teaches future tony jaa villains

    90. Manuel Capretta

      The saddest thing is that some actors are quite fit so they could be a master on thier own

    91. Zero Maniac

      in top 5 that bruce lee outfit is so funny 😂

      1. Sworm

        He can't split his foot

    92. Akinman30

      4:26 el que no baile no le damos torta yo:

    93. mamang

      top global MORTAL KOMBAT

    94. Andika praty

      Real fake

    95. Yudi Udi


    96. The Bulldog Silver

      The Drunk Master

    97. Morten Morten Tampur


    98. Văn Tốt Huỳnh

      Múa i như mã bảo quốc hỗn nguyên thái cực của tàu chó bị đánh ba cú đấu đc hai phút tên quốc cũng múa giống tên kiệt này họ trò có hiếu thật đứng yên cho thầy đánh ngoan ghê bị gạt tù đó giờ giờ quay clip mới bị người ngoài phát hiện nhưng đám học trò hk bít bị cho ăn gì mà vẫn hưởng ứng theo thầy hùa theo diễn mà diễn tốt nữa chứ đúng nể mấy thầy trò bảnh thỳ đấu đài là bít rõ chán tướng cho tiền tên kiệt này cũng hk dám đấu để một tên amatuer lên đấu với tên kiệt nổ này hắn mà thua nhục mặt mũi đéo bít để đâu nói thật hk phải khích tướng đéo bao giờ dám đấu với người ngoài chỉ với học trò còn xạo loz đc chứ ở ngoài mỏ máu ko