Customize your MOUSE with Hydro Dipping (Awesome COLORS)


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    MAKING POKEMON CUSTOM Surface Arc Mouse using Hydro Dipping aka water transfer,I tried to print Pikachu face !!

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    1. Curtis Schulz

      Where did you get the sheet?

    2. chefroger84

      Why such a big piece?

    3. Potato Seller

      after doing that i discovered that my mouse is not waterproof :P

      1. fablefreak606

        Damn that must suck

      2. DefenderKaiden


    4. dayzman WT

      Rip not water proof mouse

    5. UM LIXO FF


    6. Rab Banz


    7. Atul Tiwari

      That looks super cool....

    8. ishaqk j

      This is the arc mouse 2, i have one with my surface pro