Hp Spectre pro 13 teardown and Motherboard replacement (systemboard )


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    Hp Spectre pro 13 teardown and Motherboard replacement (Mainboard)

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    1. Paul-Martins Ezeogu

      Nice Video Bro, I feel like a pro, your video saved me, but please make sure your video is sharper (Less blurred next time) Thanks

    2. Shaima Abdulla

      Very helpful video, thank you. My problem is the very first step. The tiny plastic things attached to the cover that make it snaps to base are broken. Where can I find replacements and how to attach them? Please reply quickly.

    3. alisalman hussein

      where is the CMOS battery?

    4. next level

      Hello good video, could you help me? I have the same model and I want to increase the ssd memory up to 1TB, can it? thanks

      1. TearItDown

        Yes of course

    5. Arun Gupta

      Hi. what further steps to take if changing the keyboard? Please guide.

    6. Ninja Duck

      Lifesaver, thank you for uploading this

    7. ADRIAAN1007

      Thats enough thermal paste for 5 threadripper cpus.

    8. Jorge Gomez

      I saw when u configure a new one for sale on HP website you can get an nvme + optane memory.. does that mean that now nvme's are coming with optane memory on them.. because I dont see where to add another stick..

    9. Marcus vR

      the quality

    10. Prometheus

      Lose the music

    11. Rodrigo Urrutia

      Hola una consulta mi spectre tiende a no cargarse con el cargador a veces lo toma y otras no alguna solución además no carga con ningún otro cable

    12. Alex Smith

      This music is goddamn awful

    13. Synomenon

      Is the wifi / bluetooth card replaceable?

    14. Fran Tripodi

      Can i change the ram?

      1. DaWord2011

        RAM is soldered in, only way you can get more RAM is by upgrading mainboard (~$400)

    15. Andrew Blanco

      Is it possible to upgrade RAM?

      1. DaWord2011

        RAM is soldered in, only way you can get more RAM is by upgrading mainboard (~$400)

    16. Hung Nguyen

      Who can I buy the motherboard from? And how much? Thank you.

    17. Julio Asis Mercado

      Excelente vídeo, se hace fácil la manipulación de portátil. Gracias

    18. Eatmynuts BR

      Hello guys, great job ! I have the same laptop and my touchpad is broken, can you make a video for replace it ? Do you know where can i find this touchpad for buy it ? Then, what do you advise for fix again the rear rubber feet ? Remove the old glue and add neoprene ? Thank you guys !

    19. BackToTheRealities

      Do you know if this laptop does support the Samsung NVMe SSDs?

      1. Matthew Piper

        It has one in it

    20. House Station Live .com

      does ram is "glued" to the motherboard please ?

      1. House Station Live .com

        and no windows license sticker key at the bottom. few years ago manufacturers taked much more care of the clients

      2. TearItDown

        Yes, and there's no additional slot :/

    21. Jae Kaung

      Hi Man I would like to know if you can make a video of screen replacement? Thanks a lot

    22. Alphex87

      How much of this video is effective for the teardown of an HP Spectre x360 first version (2015 version)? Anyway thanks for this great video. Very useful

      1. Jorge Gomez

        @TearItDown dont work

      2. Alphex87

        TearItDown thanks, very useful. i'm planning an ssd update and anyway these video tutorial are really useful for maintenance purposes (eg a battery replacement).

      3. TearItDown

        Hi, sorry for the (too ?) late reply. i just made a teardown video for the x360 version here hugets.info?o=U&video_id=CtKoO3XlVuA thanks for watching :