Top 5 BIGGEST Bodybuilders ever, THEN and NOW Physiques | Motivation


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    Top 5 Freakiest Bodybuilders EVER THEN and Now, Mr Olympia 2020 | TearItDown

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    1. fayçal LAZIZI

      و يبقى وجه ربك ذو الجلال و الإكرام.

    2. Amit Kundu

      Burslei😂 best ha fir to

    3. NonaManies

      what name theme music ?

    4. Gypsy Malone

      Not well made. Show it properly. Stop beating around the bush.

    5. santosh dey

      Steroids side effects

    6. Riley Grange

      wdym actuall shape

    7. Svenson Timm

      one kick in scrotum or KEHLKOPF will knock u out

    8. Svenson Timm

      For what?

    9. Svenson Timm

      hulk in privacy

    10. kostman23

      It doesn't take balls to get a shot to look strong, you actually loose your balls.

    11. Rich Headd

      Arnold is the man even at his old age hes still strong no matter what. Who seen the video where the jack*** fly kicks him while doing a interview without expecting it he barley budges he said i thought someone fell on to me lol

    12. Funky

      sorry, for me not really nice

    13. OBAMA brasileiro

      Motivated tô not use oil

    14. Gin Eastbourn

      That's my doctor right there

    15. Niklas Schapke


    16. Wayan Bali Property

      Wow 👍👍👍

    17. Kevin Johnson

      Marcus rahl is still in great shape

      1. Ben Carr

        How is this great shape they cant move their arms

    18. ッッ Noob

      Bruh I’m a German and never heard of Markus Ruhl before

      1. Der sexuelle Belästigungspanda

        @Pineapple the Fruit Dude bist du nicht der, der bei Joiz TV ans Gebäude gepisst hat?

      2. Pineapple the Fruit Dude

        @Sijin Shiyas ok

      3. Sijin Shiyas

        Thats make you a real noob😂

      4. Der sexuelle Belästigungspanda

        Des bedarfs aber

    19. Irshad Hussain

      who is the small guy who jumps in front of that big guy in the beginning of the video?

    20. Riyad Mca

      Markus ruhl the only one ho have a real génétique ... Then and now ... No différence

    21. Vidal R.L.

      I kind of disagree how "Actual Shape" is being use here. It's like saying their other forms are fake.

    22. Evil BanKai

      paul looks like a pregnant woman lol

    23. Николай Шаронов

      Excellent and informative video for both beginners and for those who have been in this topic for a long time. I use this food myself and have good results for muscle building -

    24. Hiro Kawiti

      Now motivated to never take steroids

    25. buli814 buli814


    26. buli814 buli814

      I tak Ronnie Coleman jest najlepszy!! I kto jest jego prawdziwym fanem potwierdzi to!!!

    27. jasonlajoie

      "Move 16 tons and what do ya get, another day older and testicular cancer."

    28. M Faridz zibran

      Clickbait Trashh

      1. Wreckin Ralphie

        Like your mom

    29. Starbuzz

      fake body

      1. The Legendary And Marvelous Procrastinator

        @Shawn Emmanuel "They lift for a reason and not gaining strength," How can you claim that calisthenics couldn't bench press 100 kg then, while a bodybuilder can't even lift his own bodyweight in the way calisthenics do? Calisthenics are so much stronger. You should do some online research on Fabian Hambuechen. He's has a lot of strength. You're contracting yourself. Bodybuilders enlarge their muscles, but when it comes to strength and endurance they can't compete with calisthenics.

      2. Shawn Emmanuel

        @The Legendary And Marvelous Procrastinator You dont even know what a calisthenics and bodybuilding is, waste of my time

      3. The Legendary And Marvelous Procrastinator

        @Shawn Emmanuel Bruce Lee must be weak as f... then, right? Golota is a boxer who got beaten by a much shorter opponent. Andrew Golota is still strong enough to severly injure or kill a bodybuilder.

      4. Shawn Emmanuel

        @The Legendary And Marvelous Procrastinator im done talking to you, dont bother to reply. Ur logicness is out of this world

      5. Shawn Emmanuel

        @The Legendary And Marvelous Procrastinator Why the hell do bodybuilder need to train shit like that?? I mean cmon man! They lift for a reason and not gaining strength,

    30. Emerson Gentil Gomes

      Agente e como uma estrela quando vai morre da o seu brilho ao maximo

    31. Saad Rah

      This over floated blow fishes

      1. The Legendary And Marvelous Procrastinator

        @TWERKN4JESUS Compared to Mike Tyson they are indeed weaklings.



    32. bisri samsuri

      Mi ayam 🍜🍜🐓🐓uwenakkkk

    33. HydroCrazy

      Mr Olympia this year is scheduled to be held on December 17, 2020 - December 20, 2020, at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas in Paradise !!!! let's go

    34. We Talk Football

      Le changement du corps de Paul Dilett est violent!!

      1. kanaka108

        Dans 100 ans quand on ouvrira son cercueil, cela sera encore plus violent.....

      2. Aaron Romanyk

        @TearItDown says basically “The change in Paul Dillets body is violent/drastic!”

      3. TearItDown

        you speak french ! don't understand but nice !! thx

    35. Rene Rocha

      Love it!!

    36. MMA ACTU

      Nice entrances! Can't wait for Mr Olympia 2020