CUSTOM New 3DS GTA V Edition | Hydro Dipping


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    Grand Theft auto on the Nintendo New 3DS ? why not ?i thought it would be nice to bring
    some gta spirit to the New 3ds,
    to do so i used Hydro dipping (water transfer ) film and some paint to give the N3DS a new design,

    it"s far from perfect so please tell me what you think in the comments and
    which console would you like to see next ( Nintendo switch, playstation 4, psvita ..)

    #New3DS #custom #Nintendo #GTA5

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    1. drays extra stuff

      How do that so good

    2. Teo sin H

      3:12 what

    3. baxboy sesion

      Who pay this paper of gta please 🙏

    4. Manuel Joshua Valles

      Gta V for Nintendo 3DS?

    5. Darth Senate

      How do you dispose the water?

    6. TearItDown

      New Video Guys, PS5 Controller with The GTA V Mod

    7. Fanimations

      This was pretty cool! At least you unscrewed the 3ds before dipping it. What were the materials and processes on this, I want to do it. Also, I'm not really comfortable with the buttons staying the same, can I remove them from the 3ds?

    8. FireFoxGaming

      I also made a video about this

      1. FireFoxGaming

        Funny how my video got the most viewed video on my channel Edit: woah we uploaded on the same date on the same year

    9. cane

      i tried it bro btw name of the song?:)

      1. Yugomii Pause

        The music name is joe - mama

    10. utelias mies


      1. Felipe Sx

        vc que n sabe de nada kkkk

      2. Mcdizzyboygaming Roblox

        How is it fake when he is showing you what it looks like and how he made it

      3. cane

        wat??? lol

      4. TearItDown


    11. GRINGO 2daMAX

      Good job on getting Trevor in the middle

      1. willam fitzgirld


    12. Marino D'Ostilio

      If you subscribe on my channel i subscribe on your channel.

    13. Zortor

      Is gta 5 out or will be out on Nintendo Switch guys? That would be crazy!!

    14. TearItDown

      do you guys wanna see this theme on the Nintendo Switch ? i wanna do it !

      1. willam fitzgirld


      2. Janielle Tzy

        Yess sir

      3. hi I eat breakfast


      4. ツlucid


    15. We Talk Football

      Wow! Very amazing. Keep going bro