HP Spectre x360 SSD (hard drive) Upgrade replacement


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    HP SPECTRE x360 SSD (hard drive) REPLACEMENT, teardown.
    Buy a compatible very good SSD: amzn.to/37cSmMa

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    1. Fernando Sifuentes

      Can tell us what kind of screwdiver are you using for desembling? Thanks!

      1. TearItDown

        Torx T4 or T5 works too

    2. Chenae Bohm

      I can’t get my enclosure off closest side to the fold. Any tips?

      1. Chenae Bohm

        Ok anyone who can’t do this. Underneath the grip bits there’s more screws. I popped the silicon bits off with a razor blade

    3. tom antony

      No separate slot??

    4. Arvind Taylor

      Does the operating system automatically gets reinstalled after upgrade? Also how to transfer files from old ssd to new ssd? Thank you in advance.

    5. Derek Williams

      Will never go back lnfo.help/HpSpectre?GI This one us ultra light, sleek, powerful, fast, touch screen (I thought I didn't need it but now love it!) and runs windows. Last time I had to buy an Apple, remove the operating system and load MS Office to get an experience which was about 80% of this experience. I never thought I would look at HP... but this model has exceeded expectations whenever I open it up.

    6. David Pinto Mandamiento

      Dear inquiry, this laptop model can support 1TB of storage in M.2

    7. rrport

      Great instruction! Good advise to remove the battery cable first, others don't tell you that. Thanks very much!

    8. EvoWariq

      For anyone still trying to upgrade the SSD m.2 on this machine, this machine only supports NAND M.2's. DO NOT buy a NVMe because it will not work.

      1. x3nomat

        Funny, i definitely have a NVMe SSD in there... Samsung Model MZ-VLW2560. Maybe you have an older model? And i have to swap it, because it is the loudest SSD i ever heard. D: damn, the noise didn't come from the SSD... :(

      2. Juan S.

        @Blanche DURON 970 evo is nvme so no. M.2 is just the form factor so the 860 evo m.2 will

      3. Blanche DURON

        does that mean i cant get an samsung evo plus 1 tb?

    9. eladbari

      Anyone knows if the SAMSUNG 970 EVO (1TB) will fit this HP Spectre x360 - 13-4003dx ?

    10. Zafar Marlianto

      How to maintain the windows systems, program & data from previous SSD?

      1. James G

        Zafar Marlianto get an External SSD Case and Cloning Software to do a complete copy of the Original SSD to the New but be aware this may not work with SSD’s with partitions setup for reinstallation of Windows. Plus it would better to install a fresh copy to get rid of any bloatware they install

    11. Michae Thompson

      I want to upgrade my Spectre to 970 EVO. I have all main backup media and files on external drive. How do I transfer Windows 10 to it? The HP box does not win 10 install disc/usb.

      1. eladbari

        @firsthippy Hey man. Amazing there's almost Zero info about this online. I also read forum posts and there wasn't any definite answer, so I took the risk and ordered the 970 EVO 1TB and it does indeed work with my X360 Spectre (which I believe is also a 2015 model 13-4003dx). I tried asking HP btw beforehand, but of course they won't recommend on upgradable hardware that isn't HP :) So, go ahead and upgrade. I did note that my battery life is a bit shorter aftet the update. Lemme know what you find out :)

      2. firsthippy

        @eladbari On the HP forums people seem to be using both types (1 and 2 notches). Did you ever find out if the 970 EVO fits in a Spectre? I need to replace the SSD in a 2015 Spectre x360 13-4000na and the HP docs are inconsistent about what will work.

      3. eladbari

        Did the 970 EVO fit well in your Spectre X360? I see that the 970 only has 1 bottom notch, while the original SSD has 2 notches. that's why I ask...

      4. AidedOnslaught

        Download Mediacreationtool from Microsoft and make a Windows USB stick with it.

    12. sjaelfre

      The ssd you are showing in the videos has two notches. The one you're linking to has one?

    13. Emil Valiyev

      i wonder in this technology era hp spectre x360 has only 1 slot SSD?

      1. Rasty Hamaa

        Is that right? I wanna add another SSD. So I can't!

    14. filippos70

      This hd Samsung 960 EVO Series - 250GB PCIe NVMe is not compatible

      1. Michae Thompson

        filippos700 which SSD is compatible, do you know if 970 EVO 2TB will work??

    15. gstoe

      PLEASE HELP! I replaced my keyboard and track pad with another spectre x360 keyboard and track pad. The computer is not recognizing either and they are not working however, if I plug a usb keyboard in and open the BIOS before the computer starts, they work perfect but only in the BIOS. F5 light and caps light even are on but once the computer OS starts up they go dead. What do I do? Thanks

    16. Christine Aroka

      Please i would like to know if there is a way to remove my sd card from my slot reader on the same computer

    17. Faisal khan

      Whats the price about ram about hard drive battery time screen i need info

    18. Julius Ojo

      Please, will Samsung 850 Evo 2TB 2.5-inch SATA III Internal SSD, MZ-75E2TOBW be compatible with my HP Spectre x360 13-4003dx? It currently has 256GB SSD, which is extremely small for me. Thanks.

      1. Garrett Lajoie

        @Michae Thompson thanks, I opened the laptop up before I realized this lol.

      2. Michae Thompson

        Julius Ojo 2.5 SSD won’t work you’ll need to get NVME.M2 SSD to it

      3. Garrett Lajoie

        Any luck with this? I have the same model and looking to replace my SSD.

    19. omar navarro

      Thank you so much for the video it helps a lot . Now what about the memory RAM can you show me how to do it or show me what model should I get. I have the one it comes for default (8GB) thnks again

      1. Daniel Sima

        You can't upgrade the RAM on this laptop. From what i hear, it's soldered onto the motherboard.

    20. AMM2 Media

      My only question here is if I were to upgrade the SSD, would I have to reinstall Windows 10??

      1. James G

        You can use cloning software to copy the original SSD to the New SSD it might not copy the Windows partition for reinstalling windows. Also the BIOS holds the Windows 10 so installing the ISO or USB version will activate fine

      2. Michae Thompson

        Reviews and Retrospectives how do I clone existing Win 10 license to new SSD upgrade or does system bios auto detect license when installing windows?

      3. harfang94

        sure, you must reinstall Windows or whatever OS you want. And all applications, pics, docs etc ... you have saved before on an external HDD

    21. Steven

      Is the the change for the Elitebook x360 1030 G2 the same ?

    22. Daniel Tan

      Does anyone know if it supports samsung 960 nvme m.2 ssd?

      1. King Covey

        @Etienne VINCENT you need to check your model #

      2. Jason Zamojcin

        Dan, did you ever upgrade to the samsung 960 nvme m.2 ssd? and Did it work? thanks

      3. Etienne VINCENT

        Did you finally have an answer for this ? I would be interested. Thanks

    23. Jacob Anderson

      Ssd and hard drive are different

      1. harfang94

        I'm sorry but SSD (solid state "drive") and HDD (hard disc "drive") are both considered hard drives

    24. Brent Gilbert

      Great video! Which hard drives are compatible for upgrades?

    25. cbaorion

      Great guide! Was really helpful. I followed it to upgrade the hard drive on my Spectre x360. Thanks for this video.

    26. SErg Mart