Ps5 Controller Hydro Dipping POKEMON Edition


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    Another Hydro Dipping video, this one is a little bit different since it's a Nintendo game on a Sony hardware, pokemon on playstation 5 controller !
    More videos are coming (Nintendo switch .. )subscribe if don't wanna miss them !

    Pokemon playable on the Playstation 5 one day anyone ?
    #Ps5 #Custom #Hydrodipping
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    1. Rizk Jamalludeen

      yee hydro dip ps5 pokemon or dragon ball theme

    2. Vortex Jimmy’s mom

      Hydro dip a whole PlayStation 5 Pokémon with charizard bullbasaur squirtle pikachu and ash

    3. Liliana's Gaming Blog

      Who's watching this before the Pokèmon Direct today? This gal is!! 🥰

    4. Aerody 76

      Pokemon isn’t on ps5 😂

    5. Greg O'Brien

      0:14 now that's funny!

    6. DoorManGaming

      When you can get your hands on a ps5 you should hydro dip it pokemon

    7. fat yoshi

      make a Ps5 Hydro Dipping fat yoshi edition

      1. O mochi

        Y E S

    8. beba yoju


    9. Notch1234

      Pokemon actually Nintendo but cool.

    10. Bɪᴀ —き裂

      :0 nice

    11. Flyter20

      Você é brasileiro?

    12. CoD_NeilNaidu** 7180

      The main step of HydroDipping: You have to be a MECHANIC 👨‍🔧

    13. Aksh Singhi

      Just tell does the controller work after the hydrodipping

      1. TearItDown

        Of course!

    14. arun indian gamer

      Hydro diping of pokimon Mission passed Respect+++

    15. Bodisimo10

      Yes, I do like it.

    16. Nahuel Paco Blanco

      H O L A

    17. black_panther11 lombardi

      Fantastic video

    18. Trishul Vijayanand

      This is some legit hydro dipping wow!!

    19. Maria Milagro


    20. Rey gamer

      Anyone who tell me how to do this

    21. Silver300K Modding

      Nice video bro!!! Make one with NFS Most Wanted image

    22. TheoPH

      Please do a hydropdipping mod in xbox 360 controller

    23. Dawn Wayne

      Nice vid can you do ps5 side panels to please love this cool art stuff😸💕👍

      1. TearItDown

        I wish i had one !

    24. Chadogdn

      This one looks bad colors are washed out

    25. ッ

      Can you Hydro Dip the controller into Black

      1. Marius Boss

        @ッ A few other things that are meh is: The looks kinda weird and less button looking but i also don't know how it feels so i can't complain, then the thing that makes sound has like 3 less dots and then the X, Square, Triangle ,Circle don't have the 4 users colors they used to have, you know, X for user 1, Circle for user 2, Triangle user 3 and Square user 4. But the rest is good.

      2. ッ

        @Marius Boss The PS4 button was good, but the PS5 button looks better in my opinion, it's better.

      3. Marius Boss

        Maybe some Very Dark Blue into it. I don't know why but i would like a Blue which is very close to Black. That's what i would like. Same to the Astro Controller which was Red and I don't like that. I like the PS4 Colored button a lot more than this White.

    26. Zortor

      Love the Pokémon references hidden in the video

    27. crusher

      Where do you get the custom film?

    28. Ahmed B

      Это что за покемон!?

    29. Jonas T. Wiger Blindheim

      Amazing, didnt know you could do that :D

      1. Nathan Armitage

        Really? Wow I've know this for a long time, I used to hydro dip my xbox controller and shoes lol

    30. The Blind Gamer

      Such a waste 😪 I feel bad 🤦‍♂️

      1. chris alvarez

        Your a waste of my time. Go somewhere else and crap on hydro dipping PS5 controllers.

      2. Hello minecraft noob

        @Chadogdn then if its so bad, leave.

      3. Chadogdn

        @Hello minecraft noob It looks bad colours are washed out

      4. Hello minecraft noob

        If its such a waste just leave 😐

      5. Sean Kopfhamer

        Okay, so don't hydro dip your ps5 controller. Idk why you think it's a waste, the guy did something cool and personal to his own stuff, no reason to try and make him feel bad. Your comment was a waste, I feel bad for you son

    31. Yocki Beats

      Hey how much would it cost for you to do one for me?

    32. We Talk Football

      Very good job bro

      1. Havid pro xd

        No entender idioma

    33. TeardownVideo

      This is doooope man