Nintendo Switch Hydro Art sheet Dipping Pokemon Edition (shell disassembled)


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    Nintendo Switch Hydro dip Pokemon Snap Edition
    Another Hydro Dipping video, this one is a little bit different since it's a Nintendo console, many asked for it in the comments so here it is.
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    0:00 Custom Theme
    0:12 Joycon TearDown
    1:00 Switch Teardown
    1:27 Painting
    1:43 HydroGraphic film
    2:31 Joycons Dip
    4:09 Switch back Dip
    5:00 Reassembly
    5:46 Final product

    #NintendoSwitch #Custom #PokemonSnapThanks for watching

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    1. Hasan SA - حسن اس اي

      ممكن تنشرلي تكفى 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    2. pawlix921

      Meanwhile me after doing this: So, how I repair this?

    3. Red Pro

      Los colores de los controles están invertidos

    4. White Frost

      Sin miedo al éxito 😎👊🏻

    5. Bryant Johnson

      Am I the only one that noticed the red joycon @4:00 was dipped with upside down pokemon characters. Then the end clearly shows bulbasaur at the base and not around the joystick.......I was so bugged that the characters were upside down but then magically fixed in the end...

    6. King Fire storm

      Man this is pure art awesome work 😍

    7. Enzy974 Smith

      Je kiff sa J'ai super envie tu me fais aussi

    8. Lina Mira

      Quiero mi nintendo switch así.😭❤️😍

    9. ExTRiM hgj


    10. mattster2810

      How did he get a home and Lock Screen

    11. Cjblanch

      so cool! omg!

    12. Courtney Devine

      Hi can I have the costume Nintendo switch

    13. jay bennett


    14. Echo Rockmore

      How long do you wait for it to dry?

    15. Nico Rigan

      How do you have other designs on your switch ?! 👀

    16. Golden Guy

      Lol shoulda watched the whole video before yeeting my cousins switch into paint

    17. Faith Joe

      So cool but I don’t think I would take it apart 🎮

    18. Ángel Brito Correa

      in spanish friend

    19. Shadow Gammer


    20. Daniel Corrales

      Que materiales ocupaste?? Si no es mucha molestia.

    21. Jazzy Quinzel

      This makes me want a Pokémon Switch😂

    22. ReallyFamous Player21

      How did he perfectly hydro dip the switch and keep the design straight without messing it up?

    23. Dyna Leader

      How u get your switch backround like dat show us

    24. vlajon8

      Todos sin igeleses XD

    25. Molina Fernández Samuel David

      What is the name of what you used to make the switch stick the image?

    26. Fox McCloud 22

      How did you put a background pic on it

    27. The Eloy Noob

      El video fue hecho por alguien que habla español y todos los comentarios son en ingles, en fin la hipotenusa

    28. Fã dovamosfalardefutebol

      U can personalize Xbox one?

    29. Kendrea Obleton

      Whoa that is pretty impressive how you got the Joycons images to line up with the back casing of the switch . Well done 👏🏾

    30. Sishidh Sk

      Is it just me or is there anyone else who think that hydro dipping is just f**king gorgeous

    31. Foxy Bot05

      Now i know what i never do to my switchy Yes i put a name to my console a problem?

    32. AlguienCon Foto De Vaporeon

      Oh I don't like this a bit

    33. E .e

      Can you do a tutorial how how to change the wallpaper

    34. Jonathan Hampton

      I see you swapped out the left side because you dipped it upside down.

    35. Nana and Alex YT

      Can we start a riot about him not wearing gloves it takes like 2 seconds to put them on

    36. Darth Pikachu

      How did you get that home screen tho?

    37. Adriano

      Davon abgesehen das du absolut nicht kannst was du tust wars zwar kein haltbares aber anschaubares Ergebnis

    38. Veteran bunger x #sobblesquad 2021

      Wait how did you do the background

    39. ronignino

      Can you post on description where we can get those pokémons layers and all the materials we need to do that?

    40. ronignino

      I'm just wondering how Nintendo is not capable of releasing switch's like this??? All they do is paint solid colours on the switch.

    41. Joseph Galer

      Sick tho

    42. Joseph Galer

      I have an idea! GET A DECAL?!!?

    43. L-Jayy Espinoza

      I love the San Andreas song lol

    44. Ерназар Бакашов

      Where did you buy screwdriver?

    45. Ерназар Бакашов

      Где ты купил отвертку?

    46. VR Freak

      How did you Hydro dip that design

    47. Deku Midoria

      First twelve seconds had me like 🤨🤨🤨🤨😯😲😲😲🤔🤔🤯

    48. Flame N Fortune

      How did you get the background tho?

    49. Bella Doggo

      This was..... More satisfying than I’d like to admit

    50. The Dancing Mudkip

      It's all gen 1 now a days :/ good job on the project

    51. FranGames

      Where you buy this paper? Say me this plz I want to personalyze my Tablet


      Everyone : Make sure to be careful with the ribbon cables” Video : 5:08

    53. Cedric Burkett

      Absolute marvelous 😋

    54. Floodmaster70 7

      but when switch drip when the imposter is sus 😳😳😳😳

    55. lo scemo sul tubo

      First song name?

    56. olek

      To jest podróbka

    57. SMPV

      Fake. The Pokemon 25th Edition Is Not A Real Thing

    58. Tonyzetoile


    59. AnimeBoy

      How is that freaking possible!?

    60. Katie Mason

      How did you get the Lock Screen ?

    61. Knight Oof

      The thumbnail why is just look fake but the video good

    62. Biel 0203

      Nintendo swith one ta ligado

    63. bep1s

      i mean sure that was cool, but won't it wear off from the slightest scratch?

    64. Calamariii

      Istruzioni poco chiare. la mia switch é esplosa

    65. elithewizard

      How have you done the cool dragon ball background theme on your switch?

    66. Pratyussh Kumaarr

      I NEED THAT GTA San andreas REMIX

    67. Might Monster


    68. ImProXD



      Por qué el título está en español ?

    70. Seba Porto

      OMG, I am really impressed, it looks awesome!

      1. TearItDown

        Thanks !

    71. marinocommapaul

      Did you do the front of the left joycon twice? The first time it has Bulbasaur and Blastoise (and seems like it’s upside down) then the final product is Bulba/Beedrill. If so, man that must have been frustrating after all that work....

      1. TearItDown

        Yes that's what happened :( , it was kinda sad because it takes time... but i learned from it.

    72. Jon Serrano

      Can I pay you to do this for mine ?

    73. Cecilia Schimizzi

      Hi guys the dude doesn’t want a Nintendo switch so his fault if he Regrets it

    74. Supersmartkazuin Gaming

      That is cool

    75. Nuri_Garci 11

      Con que materiales haces lo del estampado?

    76. Darth Kash

      it would've been nice to see you also hydro dip the game card slot, still a great result though!

      1. TearItDown

        yes but i was afraid that it would not close properly after applying the base coat +paint + clear coat

    77. Obed Tapia

      Personalizar la consola más sobrevalorada con el diseño de el juego más repetitivo 👍🏿

      1. TearItDown


    78. YeaMits 64

      that looks really damn good

    79. Travis

      how’d you get the home screen like that

    80. Abundio Guzmán JM

      Cómo perder la garantía de tu Switch de forma agradable, el vídeo 😳👌🏾

      1. TearItDown

        2017 switch, but you're right

    81. John Welby

      So STUPID 🤬

    82. TTIGEM278 :D

      Yo Buscando un comentario en español 😐

      1. TearItDown


    83. *kyoko* •Kiri•

      Can we just appreciate the amount of time this person took just trying to remove everything, it might’ve not took long but I’d think it would. This looks amazing by the way ! 🤩

      1. TearItDown


    84. Manuel :D Jesús

      Cómo se llama ese papel o como se hace para hacerlo

    85. Jaicel 03

      Que material es el que utilizaste?

    86. Josh Farrough

      That shit looks 🔥 bro

      1. TearItDown

        Thx bro

    87. Sven Nouwens

      Nintendo can’t do this so we need to do it ourself😂

      1. TearItDown


    88. el lobo meme

      Oo está muy bonita suscriptor nuevo

    89. Hussain Ali

      Did you do the left joycon again? it was upside down 4:00

      1. Hussain Ali

        ​@TearItDown i was confused .. it definitely looked weird before you fixed it. Great job .. I love it ❤❤

      2. TearItDown

        Yes ! it looked weird upside down :(

    90. 원댕

      와씨 내가 뭐 본거야.???

    91. lucas gamer hard

      *starts to open the console pieces* me who doenst have one:WHYYYYY

      1. TearItDown


    92. A Burke

      I thought this would be one of those clickbait videos

    93. Vxlpz zv

      That’s too awesome

    94. Senketsu Fi

      Now i want to find kill la kill hydrodip

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      I’ll pay you to do mine if possible

    97. YorkPloop

      Tres bien!!

    98. John Daugherty-Stone

      That looks awesome

    99. John Daugherty-Stone

      Wait how did you get a custom theme? Did I miss an update?