HP SPECTRE X360 Motherboard, ssd, batterie,and systemboard REPLACEMENT


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    HP SPECTRE X360 2105 LAPTOP TEARDOWN, system board (motherboard) replacement.

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    1. I like Memes

      Do laptop motherboard comes with pre-installed processors

      1. I like Memes

        @New Old but It is in the range of ₹2500 - ₹5000 depending on laptop configuration

      2. I like Memes

        @New Old well my HP laptop is under warranty so got replaced for free

      3. New Old

        @I like Memes Do you know the price of the motherboard?

      4. I like Memes

        @TearItDown it means The processor in older motherboard I don't need to remove it and install on a newer one

      5. TearItDown


    2. Edfhyu Yjj

      _Have only had a little while __lnfo.help/HpSpectre?GW__ but I love this tablet laptop. So fast, I mean fast. You notice when you turn it on._

    3. Jeremy Spencer

      Exceptionally well crafted video. Great job!

    4. Tai Theguy

      No cmos battery? I can't find one on my 13-4116dx 🙁 Having battery issues. Replaced - still the same issue. But... No cmos?! Wtf

    5. saurav sharma

      Please provide me a link from where I can buy a keyword of hp spectra *360 Model number 13-4003dx please sir help

    6. Nirdesh Goswami

      can i upgrade RAM in this laptop ?

    7. Dennis Blessing

      Pulling off the back panel is not that easy. I have the screws off but the panel itself is tight and i can't just slide it off like he is showing.

      1. Elouise Oyzon

        SOLVED: In my model, there are two additional screws under the rear feet pads.

      2. Elouise Oyzon

        Same boat. Glad I'm not alone.

    8. Mohammad Khan

      Hey! Quick question, my laptop freezes after a few minutes of connecting to the internet. I tried doing a factory reset and a various other things to no luck. Do you think changing out the wifi card would fix this issue?

      1. Mohammad Khan

        Also i like to add that my pc suffered water damage two months ago so i believe there may be corrosion on some of the pins that may be causing this issur


      It's people like this uploading in 720p in 2017-2018 that's going to make people in 10 years think technology was a worse place than it really was.

    10. Tim Dyer

      Thanks TearItDown, nice video, helped me successfully replace the motherboard. Good Work.

    11. Richard A

      What about the keyboard? How do you replace that? Why skip the most frequent repair in your video?

    12. gstoe

      PLEASE HELP! I replaced my keyboard and track pad with another spectre x360 keyboard and track pad. The computer is not recognizing either and they are not working however, if I plug a usb keyboard in and open the BIOS before the computer starts, they work perfect but only in the BIOS. F5 light and caps light even are on but once the computer OS starts up they go dead. What do I do? Thanks

      1. Andrew Granda

        And it was out of warranty

      2. Andrew Granda

        Yeah it was 287 but that also gave us an extended warranty for 6 months in case it happens again

      3. gstoe

        So did they end up charging you for the repair? Was it still under warranty? I might send mine off cuz the fan runs all the time now and it gets real hot too fast. Its not under any warranty tho so I don't know if they would charge me to fix it.

      4. Andrew Granda

        Update gstoe.....got the computer back from hp and apperently the motherboard was fugged up and they also replaced the entire screen so it was some hardware that was defective other wise I woulda had to pay........hope all is well with your computer bro.

      5. Andrew Granda

        Well i aperently complained enuff to h.p. that it is for sure hardware related it hasnt got resolved...but they giving me 30÷ off to send it to them...so 300-350...imma send the beach off. Let them deal with it

    13. Marcos O L

      Great video! I like to know if the model hp Spectre x360 z4y36la use the same M2 SSD and if the memory slot can use 2 of 8gb

      1. Shrenik Masal

        Can we upgrade the ram?

    14. Will Woodson

      Excellent work! Thank you! I used your video to replace keyboard. Couldn't have done it without you.

    15. Matthieu PATOIS

      great, great tuto! very clear. I have to replace my keyboard soon, it will be very usefull! thanks

    16. Donella Bracey

      Do you know which motherboard is compatible with Hp spectre x360 -13-4003dx?

      1. Highwalker

        Donella Bracey any eatx motherboard should do.

    17. limitliss

      Did you get a look at the ram on this board? I have the same one, just wondering if it can be upgraded.

      1. wvadam

        @TearItDown If I have the slot with 8gb can I put a 16gb ram in?

      2. limitliss

        TearItDown Anyone ever try replacing the soldered on ram?

      3. TearItDown

        there is no free slot unfortunately, can't be upragded.

    18. James Stroud

      Hi for the HP Spectre x360 Conve 13-w023dx (this is the late 2016 model with kaby lake cpu and touch screen), to remove the back-cover for the battery there are 6 torx size 5 screws and hidden underneath the two rear rubber feet by the hinges are two phillips screws that must come out too. See here laptopmedia.com/highlights/inside-hp-spectre-x360-13-disassembly-internal-photos-and-upgrade-options/ Getting the rubber feet off was very hard as they were glued on there really well. Also getting something very thin underneath the rear cover to remove it was very hard too. I had a plastic tool from an iPad screen repair kit that I used to both pry off the back cover and pry off the 2 rear rubber feet. I hope this helps folks. I had orange blinking light and laptop would not charge, it turns out my battery went bad even though I only had the laptop for 13 months (1 month out of warranty). I paid $109 from HP to get a new battery, there were cheaper ones on amazon (1/2 the price) but I went with the "official" hp battery.

    19. CultivARG Mayorista

      where is the RAM? is it on board?

      1. John G

        @TearItDown Thank you - been wondering about this myself

      2. TearItDown

        yes, unfortunately and no free slot.

    20. John Hinckley

      Is power port replaceable? Mine won't power up anymore and when I plug in the power brick, the led on the brick goes from solid to pale blinking.

      1. TearItDown

        yes it is, but i can't tell if it will solve your problem (4:53) did you tried another charger ?

      2. James Stroud

        John, myHP Spectre x360 Conve 13-w023dx (with USB-C) had an orange blinking light and would not charge. I bought a new power brick thinking it was bad, that was not the problem as that did not solve it. I went to bestbuy geek squad and they told me quickly my battery was bad (they did this without charging). I called HP support and my laptop was 13 months old so I was 1 month out of warranty. I bought from them for $109 a new battery. I installed it (tricky to do) and that solved it. It was tricky because not only were the 6 torx screws (size 5) the back cover would not come off, hidden underneath the two rear rubber feet by the hinge were two phillips screws that had to come out, after that it was easy. I'll post this above to general comments.

    21. Leo

      I liked the music, also good choice of font (looks like Bauhaus 93)

      1. TearItDown

        thx, yes you guessed right !

    22. Bob Carpenter

      Excellent job.

    23. Alphex87

      which model year is the Hp Spectre x360 in the video? i own the first version (2015)

      1. Alphex87

        So it should be mine one! (If i'm right the first year of launch 2 version was sold: one with intel gen 5 (in spring) and another in autumn with the only difference of upgraded cpu: intel core gen 6. I have the very first one (gen 5 intel cpu) and it is great, but now i want to upgrade to an M2 pcie nvme 512 GB SSD. I read on HP forum that the gen 3 nvme x4 pcie SSD is not exploited to full speed, but anyway is really faster than sata M2 default SSD. Thanks again for all info and the tutorial. I discovered that the teardown of Hp spectre X360 despite its premium design is easier than 400€/$ supermarket notebook!

      2. TearItDown

        This is the 13-4000, its the 2015 Model whithout usb c.