HP 840, 820 series Elitebook laptotp Screen Replacement step by step


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    HP 840, 820 series Elitebook laptotp Screen Replacement step by step

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    1. Speedy Danny

      what model is it? the lcd? can it be replaced with different brand? like LG?

    2. Jesse

      I have the g2 model that came with the 720p screen. Do you think it supports the VA 1080p panel? Im not sure if the g2 model all have the dual channel display connection whih would make it compatible. Thanks.

    3. Rising Crimson

      how to fix its hinges cause mine is noising but my laptop is new

      1. TearItDown

        maybe check if the screw are tightened correctly, or if the laptop is under warranty contact HP !

    4. MFK

      Please reply. Can i put new 840 G2 1080p ips in 840 G1. My current resolution is 1600x900. Will it work?

    5. MFK

      Hi. Can i put 840 G2 1080p IPS screen into my 840 G1. My 840 G1 has 1600x900 resolution which i want to upgrade but i can't find 1080p ips for 840 G1. So 840 G2 ips will work in 840 G1 ?

      1. Martin

        Yes it will work. all you need is the screen, no extra cable needed. Screen model number 737659-001

    6. king musical

      displa online buy how

    7. Tomi Slamar

      Very big thanks. Just replaced and works.

    8. John Kyoma

      Extremely helpful video! Big thumb

    9. guitaristanime

      Hi, do you know how close this is the 740 g1. Im looking to replace the 768p panel with a 1080p IPS one but info on the 740 is scarce and I can't even find part numbers.