Ps4 Hydro Dipping Super Mario Edition


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    Ps4 Hydro Dipping Super Mario Edition
    Another Hydro Dipping video, this one is a little bit different since it's a Nintendo game on a Sony hardware, Super Mario on playstation 4 controller !
    More videos are coming (Nintendo switch .. ) subscribe if you don't wanna miss them !
    Customising the Playstation 4 controller using hydro dipping, water transfer !

    Music: NEFFEX 'Grateful'

    #Playstation4 #HydroDipping #MarioPS4

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    1. Slifer7564

      Can you buy this paper or?

    2. Echo Rockmore

      Pretty impressive. I couldn’t do this because I’d take the controller apart and not know how to put it back together properly 😅😅😅

    3. TheBr1ck123

      But PS4 can't play any super mario game...

      1. TearItDown

        @TheBr1ck123 I'am joking, but Super Mario 64 has been ported to the Ps4 (need a hack tho)

      2. TheBr1ck123

        @TearItDown Name one super mario game on ps4, but it is still a cool vid

      3. TearItDown

        Thus is not true

    4. Paper Luigi

      This is very cursed.

    5. Ninja Brix

      What was that stuff thet you put on the water?

    6. Coneco

      hElLo İtS mE, mArİo On ThE pS4 rEeEeEeeEeEeEeEeE

    7. Jak Jimmy

      Hello it’s me super Mario on the ps4

    8. wizardboy 1020


    9. okat

      That's pretty cool. I think if u like it, it does not matter if it's mario on a duel shock 4.

    10. LockTiger

      Song name please

      1. LockTiger

        TearItDown thnx

      2. TearItDown

        Grateful NEFFEX

    11. Anyf official

      bravissimo complimenti unico

    12. Sr. Julius

      Br representando

    13. Lilian Charlie

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    14. Janhpro009 GG


    15. Darth Senate

      “I felt something terrible has happened. As if millions of voices were saying Mario wasn’t a Sony product”


      Dip a xbox 360 controller lol

    17. Nightmare Mafia Sans

      Undertale edicion?

    18. Super Mario Dinosaurs

      Request: do a xbox 360 controller wwe hydro dipped

    19. Jmanbeast18

      Can yo pleas. Are a slow tutorial?

      1. Michael

        Just go look up how to tear down ps4 controller

    20. Binklolche Andre Young

      Do Kratos on a Nintendo Switch Controller

    21. Kristen Rose

      how u do that

    22. Astronaud

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    23. Dinc Pactify

      Do merch plz

    24. God Of All Saiyans 8000

      Do Dragon Ball Z

    25. bonice niño bonet

      Paper name?

    26. WolfEmerald214

      HOLD UP. Nintendo and PlayStation don't mix

    27. Panstuyk

      I have a question for you, how many Playstation sticks are you?

    28. Cheryl Gentile


    29. olekfifolek a teraz posazu pl

      in 2077 what makes someone a criminal

    30. Nicholas Preston

      He put the controller in the wrong way!!!!!

    31. kirby


    32. Joel David

      *Something is wrong here...*

    33. Mtas_ 153

      PlayStation and Nintendo: T R I G G E R E D

    34. hope is war

      Do it on the steam controller

    35. Ryan Ono

      Parece que alguém não sabe a diferença nintendo switch e ps4

      1. kode _23


    36. ONE-EYE Music

      New super mario on the ps4

    37. chris alvarez

      I hydro dipped my ps5 controller GT style

    38. Tha 168

      Song name?

    39. Pure Sunky FM

      This would make a lot sense if you use Nintendo switch

    40. Augusto Santos


    41. Geamr Boi

      Very cool vid, but should’ve done a switch pro controller instead

      1. Jman Stew

        They named it the PRO controller not a switch pro controller

      2. Jman Stew

        @Geamr Boi they released an Xbox and PlayStation like controller when the switch launched it doesn’t attach it pairs Bluetooth have you been under a rock??

      3. Geamr Boi

        @the fox when the switch released

      4. the fox

        @Geamr Boi when?

      5. Geamr Boi

        @the fox I know, but it’s called the Nintendo switch pro controller (that’s what Nintendo named it)

    42. Kittyism

      Odd that you didn’t do a switch pro controller or something, then the brand would have matched.

    43. TheHorror123456789

      Tearit down, actually fuck this up

    44. يمني متمرد

      ايش اسم العملية الي تسويها عشان نتعلمها

    45. Alex098

      In questo caso è satana ad inchinarsi

      1. TearItDown


    46. Yarik Z-Ярослав Соможнёв

      please make a custom Ps4 or Ps5 edition of Cyberpunk 2077

      1. JoaK1nGG


    47. Yarik Z-Ярослав Соможнёв

      please make a custom Ps4 or Ps5 edition of Cyberpunk 2077



    49. Foxytristin09

      What song is this

      1. TearItDown


    50. ThePhoenixx

      Next Nintendo with Halo

    51. Obi wan Kenobi

      To bad now he gotta do a PS5 controller

      1. YxnniRoblox


    52. Christopher Alexander Pérez Flores

      Hazlo de un mando de la PlayStation 5

    53. Davido PL06

      i love ps4 controller

    54. Emir Efe Yeşilyurt

      Buradaki tek Türkler +1 Ve bu adama bir mesaj PS 4 E GÖRE MQRİO OYUNU YOK LAAAAAAN MARİO NİNTENDO YA ÖZEL

    55. Int_ ense


    56. BErZErko 20

      Do a tutorial on how to do the gta v one!!! Or a tutorial on how to hydro dip!!

    57. Silver Game

      Como vc consegue fazer isso

    58. Lordark Channel

      Nintendo non approva questo elemento

    59. Luis Hdz V

      Pero mario es de nintendo no de play 4

      1. Luis Hdz V

        Like nintendo Comenta play 4

    60. Turbo-T

      That Looks AMAZING Nice video man

    61. Stxrm

      B E A U T I F U L ! ! ! ! ! !

    62. Богдан Самкин

      Gamers: wait, that's illegal

      1. Iako Lopez

        Yea...bruh super Mario is.Nintendo..and ps4 is sony.there two different things!! WTF

    63. kostas214pro

      This is so cursed

      1. j u a n_


    64. EC x Agus

      Whats the song¿¿¿

      1. Aarik Green

        Grateful by neffex

    65. Glauber Soares

      Mario is from Nintendo PlayStation is from Sony Something wrong is not right

      1. PL Planets 文

        @DylanTheVillain playtendo

      2. DylanTheVillain

        @Glauber Soares which one sound better to you

      3. Glauber Soares

        @DylanTheVillain Ninstation or Playtendo

      4. DylanTheVillain

        The Nintendo PlayStation

      5. Tyler Robertson

        Hold up wait a minute something ain’t right

    66. ZyRo

      Ese papel se puede comprar? Cómo se llama?

    67. Chappal Traveller Ankur Roy Chowdhury


    68. Jaiesh Raj

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      1. SAAA 2009


      2. Tha 168

        Gaming music in my experience

    69. Luis Rodriguez

      Can u make call of duty ghost paint for ps4 controller or ps5 controller?

    70. Harsh kumar

      Make it gta v hydro diping

      1. Harsh kumar

        @Krithik Rishi i have seen it already

      2. Krithik Rishi

        @Harsh kumar this is the ps5 hydro dipping one

      3. Krithik Rishi

        @Harsh kumar he did for ps5 also... Not ps4

      4. Harsh kumar

        @Krithik Rishi he didnt did ps4 controller hydrodipng gta v he did xbox controller hydrodiping with gta v

      5. Krithik Rishi

        He already did

    71. Just Jack


    72. jiovs playz

      This deseve a million views

      1. JoaK1nGG


    73. yougotmail1225

      *Something doesnt feel right here*

      1. Bearman

        @SAAA 2009 it was a joke

      2. SAAA 2009

        @Bearman Yea the controller was upside down but you dont get it look at the controller and look at what hes putting on the controller mario ist from sony.

      3. Bearman

        @SAAA 2009 yes

      4. SAAA 2009

        @Bearman no

      5. yougotmail1225

        @Bearman lol

    74. toto xd xmax

      (●-●) < > /\

    75. ExTRiM hgj

      Wow 😮

    76. Rodri-

      GoDeik lol

    77. The Joker


    78. Rblxgamer1

      Anyone thinking if the controller still working?

      1. kostas214pro

        Why wouldn't it he didn't paint any of the circuit boards

      2. TearItDown

        it still works !

    79. Ben Films trains

      !love the music! And cool controller like this video !

      1. Piiloairo

        Music please

    80. Ender

      Was the ribbon cable for the touchpad fine?

    81. Paige Blaise

      Hey, I work for BBTV and would like to discuss partnership opportunities for your channel. Do you have a business email?

      1. Paige Blaise

        @TearItDown Thanks! Will email shortly

      2. TearItDown

        Hi, check the channel description, I just updated it.

    82. Lamar

      Nice Video fam!

    83. steben 123


      1. steben 123


      2. Jhampier castro


    84. Gamer Tomo

      Terraria Xbox controller?

    85. All Ams


    86. Kenzy

      Love it 😍😍

      1. Kenzy

        @TearItDown not now

      2. TearItDown

        Thanks bro, no videos ?!

    87. Debora Caputo


    88. Debora Caputo


    89. Debora Caputo


    90. Game Over

      Can you do a video hidro diping a ps4

      1. kostas214pro


    91. Peterson Oliveira

      Boa tarde FIRST vai amém BOM trabalhos

    92. MMA ACTU

      Actually you can play Super Mario 64 on the ps4 now, it has been hacked

    93. Karem Hameed

      Very nice thank you

    94. Apsara Gundale

      First view

      1. Solomon Joy

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