Xbox Controller Hydro Dipping Pokemon Edition (Mod)


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    Do you like Pokemon and your Xbox ? Here is for you The Pokemon Xbox one Controller, because why not ?
    to achieve this, i used a pokemon film made for water transfer (Hydro dipping), the colors washed out a little bit after i cleaned the paint but it still look ok to me

    #XboxController #Custom #HydroDipping

    Thanks for watching guys

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    1. TearItDown

      New video with the PS5 Controller and GTA V Mod !

    2. Joshua Damm

      What is the spray you put on the film before dipping?

      1. TearItDown

        It's called 'activator' (use a mask) and the film is a hydrographic film

    3. Nicklaus Kropf


    4. Stink Eeee


    5. Prem Khatri

      Bro really you are a marvellous artist

    6. 81anticris

      Donde se compran esas láminas de pintura para hacerlo, y que spray pones en el agua para que se disuelva? gracias.

    7. Rebecca Rivera

      What kind of paper is that?

    8. 픽슬베어 pxlrbear

      time to beg for the controller XD

    9. Imran Khalid

      Where is my friend Mr Arnold.

    10. Kenzy

      +1 LIKE M.J

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    12. Beast Boy Gamer

      Awsome not is bad good 👍🏼

    13. i'm lory driver


    14. Team cream Baru18

      What name this song dude ??? 😁😁

      1. A1ynex

        Says you

      2. Jim Morrison

        This is so gay

      3. Virgola MiniMan

        Grateful Neffex

    15. Darek Ławicki


      1. Darek Ławicki

        @KIDSHADOW12 Thx

      2. KIDSHADOW12

        Primer the white spray paint

    16. Anukriti mam fans club

    17. Christine Cantu

      That looks awsome

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    20. Jon Jon

      😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍ow yea

    21. Quctzal

      Como se llama ese tipo de papel?

    22. Beauty Curvy


    23. Classified Member

      Great Video, wish you a bright future!

    24. Top Tweets

      nice one, helps a lot

    25. Bernhard D.

      you forgot the last step. clear lacquer

      1. Brett Jones

        Yea plays for a half hour and its on your hands lol

    26. Ramo Kulieva

      Very good video let's get 10k like

    27. HydroCrazy

      This is awsome, were can I buy this stuffs?

      1. AyushTGD

        Yeah I saw the Pokemon one Trying to find a doctor who one

      2. Luke Robertson

        Just go somewhere like Amazon and look up water transfer printing film

    28. Oversensitive_Society

      Nice tings mate