HP Spectre X360 battery replacement step by step


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    HP Spectre X360 battery replacement step by step
    Feel free to leave yours questions or requets in the comment section below.

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    1. Henry Shiner

      where can I buy the tool to unscrew the small screws, any help appreciated

    2. Ken Bagwell

      I used this for my HP Spectre 360 13-4101dx, and had great success. The back cover, the battery and the speaker cords connected to the battery are very much as described. I had only two 8mm screws, located in the back corners. The rest of them were 4mm - they all used the same torx driver to remove. Note that the torx screws are not in flat, but are in at a slight angle. And also be sure to use the EXACT torx bit. If the screws are in tight at all (most of them probably will be) they won't come out and you risk stripping the threads! The driver I used was a T5 x 40mm. Good luck with your project, it's not too bad with the right tools and some patience. www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00E3CHLLC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    3. Jason Chen

      Your video is actually so good and concise. Subbed!

    4. Dejan Budrovic Budrix

      Which model is this exactly? I need to order Spectre X360 13 ac003 battery.

      1. Dejan Budrovic Budrix

        @Ifeanyi Okoli I did, but this one was not the one I needed. I opened my laptop and found the right one, you can email me for info on budrix@gmail.com

      2. Ifeanyi Okoli

        Same here. Have you ordered one yet?

    5. antmon antmon

      great video - is this 13-ac023dx battery

    6. John Baxter

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Helping a friend do this. You saved us SO MUCH grief. Owe you a Beer or whatever Beverage you like...

    7. futuresuperstar4life

      Are these all the same steps for Spectre xt touchsmart 15??

    8. Margaret Schultz

      Ok... wow I just discovered that the reason my spacebar isn't working so well anymore is because of 'battery bulge' and I need to do this...

    9. cmilly2009

      Thanks so much!! Very helpful, went through the whole process with you on my laptop 😁

    10. StupidFace

      where to get new battery and what the name of the battery

    11. Ellen

      I am going to try this myself~ I usually rely on others but this is not so complicated after all, thanks so much for sharing what you know!

    12. Chris James

      Excellent simple to follow instructions thanks!😊

    13. Javier Fernandez

      My 360 has a 250 Gb SSD, do you know if I can upgrade the disc to a more capacity one like 512 or maybe even 1 Tb?

      1. Vito Stefano Gozzo

        you can

    14. Javier Fernandez

      Exactly what I was looking for as I need to replace mine. Please help me to confirm that this is the one I should buy from these? www.amazon.com/s?k=hp+spectre+360+battery&crid=2N7D6P9CR72CR&sprefix=hp+spectre+360+batter%2Caps%2C249&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_21

    15. Kevin Göbke

      This laptop performs like a laptop with a good processor lnfo.help/HpSpectre?CW integrated graphics card, and spacious RAM. Look elsewhere if you’re a hardcore gamer or graphics designer, but for most people this will hit all the marks. Speakers are fine with reasonable loudness, but it's silly to review ultrabook speakers beyond that -- you need headphones or external speakers for serious listening.

    16. paulob

      Check for screws under the 2 rear feet if the back seems stuck on at the hinge end.. finally found a guide that covers this and it’s spot on, there was a philips screw under each foot that this video didn’t cover..The 2 feet get wrecked but there doesn’t seem to be another option

    17. Josh Johnson

      One question, do I have to be worried about any static charges while replacing? Any precautions I should take? Kind of new to opening stuff up. Anything I shouldn't touch bare hands?

    18. Gary

      Thanks, this was a great help

    19. TearItDown

      Leave your questions ! check out my last video (New 3ds GTA Painting hugets.info/show/sqRnmdfVtWNok34/vide.html )

    20. Yitong Zhang

      Thank you! May I have a link to the replacement battery please?

    21. tmafixit

      Great tutorial! I want to add that HP 13-ac033dx has two screws under the back two pads. I almost broke my laptop because of that.

      1. Blake Harper

        Exactly the same man. Almost bent it all up.

      2. antmon antmon

        man, almost did same thing - 2 more screws under the pads!

      3. Victoria Hankerson-Satchell

        I appreciate the video, but more appreciative of your reply. You saved the day. I was just about to give up for fear of breaking my laptop b/c I knew something was different. I tried to remove the back two pads, but they didn’t seem to budge. Something told me to keep reading and so glad I came across your entry. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      4. async8

        I almost made the same mistake. Maybe a teardown video specific to that model is warranted.

      5. tmafixit

        @Jason O. I used a small knife to pry it up. There was a small about of glue holding it.

    22. Pipsquacky

      Thank you! The only thing I felt wasn’t really covered was how to lift off the bottom panel to get inside. I was trying to lift it from the front edge, as it looked so easy in the video. For me, it definitely wasn’t. I finally discovered that I could lift above the hinge and the something underneath so that I could work my way around the perimeter, unsnapping the panel from the base as I went.

      1. eThink Education

        @paulob thank you for this! I almost did the same thing. Glad I saw your post

      2. paulob

        On my model, there was a philips screw under each rear foot.. I had to pry off the two rear feet and undo these screws then the back came off easy.. I’m glad I didn’t just think the cover was though to get off and kept going or I would have wrecked it

    23. Blackdiamond

      Can you use it without the battery? Just for the time being

      1. MoMo's Studio

        You fr? No.

    24. Kmondak

      Was wondering if my HP even had a replaceable battery. Thanks for the video.

    25. Armonia Rd

      Very well explained. I changed the battery by myself thanks to this video

    26. Richard Cimo

      good video but the music..why

    27. Jr Jr

      My back plate will not remove

      1. David C

        @Jr Jr You're welcome! I just figured it out after surfing around. Very frustrating 😠 Hope you and yours are staying safe! Regards!

      2. Jr Jr

        @David C Thanks! Yes I finally found this on a forum! But thanks for the response!

      3. David C

        I believe there are screws under the rear foot pads. You will need to remove the small screws and the screws behind the foot pads. Hope this helps.

    28. Brent Titus 2:13

      Good video but that music is soul crushing. Yikes!

      1. No Name

        I just turned the sound down within the first minute

    29. chase stewart

      *** The back plate removal is NOT the same for all models. ***

    30. Bran Don

      Thanks. Way easier than I thought it was going to be. Replacements are $30 or less on Ebay and Amazon.

    31. Ruchira Wijayaratne

      Thank you so much!

    32. Walter P

      I have a Spectre x360 13". It looks like there are only 6 screws but there are 8. Two are underneath the plastic feet at the hinge end of the case. The feet are actually 2 pieces. Pull the top piece off, then pull the bottom piece off. The glue will not restick.

    33. Hani Hisham

      Is there any danger to make the laptop work directly without battery (as temporary solution )

      1. Ben V.

        I second this. I personally would be ok if I could just keep it plugged in and left the battery out permanently. I also wonder if this will work with the newest 2019 Spectres.

    34. TechieSusie

      Thank you for posting, in case I should have to replace the battery. My daughter's battery is very short lived so it may have to be replaced. Wouldn't even know where to begin without your tutorial. So different than replacing typical laptop batteries.

      1. Fatima S

        can u please share the website or the store u got the battery from?

    35. S V

      Want to know if HP Spectre X360 G2 wont turn on with the power adapter after a hard reset is it the battery that is dead and needs replacing or likely the motherboard?

      1. Jonathan O'Brien

        Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery will reset the BIOS and might allow it to recognise the power adapter to boot up. It could run for a while plugged in on 0 battery, but not long.

      2. Jonathan O'Brien

        @james jacob I thought my power port was broken or something because I assumed it should run from just power without a battery, but no, these models do not have a separate CMOS battery. So the laptop does not use the last 4% of the battery, saving it for CMOS. If the battery is completely dead and doesn't recharge, then the last 4% will also eventually drain, and with no CMOS power the laptop will not turn on at all. So yes, it is probably a dead battery.

      3. james jacob

        Hey can you please let me know how your situation went. I bought an hp spectre x360 13" 2017. The owner said that everything works except it won't turn on anymore because the battery is dead. Did your laptop start turning on again when/if you replaced the battery.

    36. kellie77381

      Is this the same instructions for the HP Pavilion 15au063? I hate the thought of having to crack the laptop open. That always makes me nervous. All of my other laptops I just had to slide the battery out and replace it with a new one....never had to crack the case open. UGH!!

      1. clYOUl3ss

        @Jay Money its so consumers have a hard time fixing the computers themselves and end up breaking them!

      2. Jay Money

        kellie77381 Sucks but that is technology today. Everyone bitched and complained about wanting things to be lighter well they got what they wished for.

    37. devin5381

      Good video. Bad music.

    38. Audiovis

      Okay with the video thank you. 3 things; the text you used should be changed to make it easier to read, the music doesn't help (turned off the sound to improve video), during the removal of the back cover you could insert a clip to show the curved extension piece that retains the cover in the rear because it is not easily seen when dismantling.

    39. Alondra Castro

      Could you shared the technical information of battery im looking for a charger

      1. Audiovis

        This battery is not easy to procure and if you live in a country where you need to import the battery by air you will probably have trouble unless you try Singapore Airlines.

    40. peacelovesmile

      Thank you so much, I followed this video and replaced the battery, it's like I have a new computer! Thank you!!

      1. Josh Johnson

        @David White I had it for 3 years. But it was used massively in College for 12 hrs/day and played games. Gaming really took down the battery life

      2. David White

        how long did you have it before the problem came about?

    41. Bok Gee

      The battery on my laptop hp spectre x360 was swelling. There was a recall on hp batteries for this problem and when I run the utility software for the recall, it says that the model of my laptop is not included. I found a replacement on amazon for almost half the price. Thanks for this video, it made my replacement easy.

      1. Bok Gee

        @Marlon Johnson you might need to open your laptop just to make sure you get the right replacement number, but mine says PK03XL, 11.4 V, 56 Wh

      2. Marlon Johnson

        what was the battery. I'm looking for a replacement as well.

    42. Shuborno Biswas

      Excellent, accurate instructions. I followed this exactly and was able to replace my HP Spectre x360 battery by myself with no issues. Thank you very much!

      1. Vae

        Hi! What's the model number of your hp Spectre x360, if you don't mind? I wanna know if mine is similar enough

      2. Shuborno Biswas

        @Demario Bennett ZTHY Compatible PK03XL Laptop... www.amazon.ca/dp/B01N1S6BIQ?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

      3. Demario Bennett

        where did you buy your battery? post a link please

    43. King1Day

      Can some please give me a site to get battery. A fair price one if you can.

    44. D Quartier

      i can't get the the bottom off. After removing all the screws I cannot pull it off.

      1. Brandon Fisher


    45. Debbie Hughes

      Thank you. Perfect directions!

    46. paul hudzik

      My HP x360 has only 6 screws visible, and the foot pads aren't designed to come off, at least not easily. I need to take the battery out, but can't take the back off.

      1. Jamie Ward

        My prior reply is updated here: The foot pads at the back have to come off. There are two screws underneath. You'll have to glue the foot pads back on when done.

      2. Jamie Ward

        Me too! Did you ever find a solution to this?

    47. Adam Lewis

      Thanks, video was easy to follow, on connecting my new battery and firing up after leaving to charge a couple of hours my laptop says no battery is connected, I checked again and it's connected fine, put the old battery in and while it accepts it's there it won't charge, can't see that I've knocked anything out, anyone had this problem? Perhaps I got a dud one off eBay...?

    48. Shane K. McNeill Photo & Video

      Just got off the phone with HP about a Spectre 15" 4K. They quoted me over $500 to replace the battery on this $1200 laptop. Insanity! Apparently, the battery is over $400 if you buy it from HP. Extortion at its best.

      1. Líon Goodwin

        @April Seldomridge got mine from newegg.com thanks though!

      2. April Seldomridge

        @Líon Goodwin there are some on Amazon.

      3. King1Day

        Same here, I cant find it. Any luck?

      4. Líon Goodwin

        where did you buy your battery from? i have the same laptop and my battery is fried. i cant seem to find the battery anywhere online

    49. Scott Schalon

      Excellent video - was a breeze to follow! Thanks beyond words!

    50. Dax Fitzwilliam

      Great video, can you tell me what is the part number for the battery?

    51. SpiffyLich

      good fucking christ how do you remove the fucking back so easily? I've broken half of my goddamn ifixit tools trying to bend the fucker out!!!!!!!!!!!!! I unscrewed everything but the fucking back WILL NOT COME OFF

    52. Garrett

      Whats up with the wooden sticks? Are they necessary? Are they so you don't get electrocuted?

      1. IW_JOSH

        It's usually so you don't damage other components from static built up in the human body.

    53. Anshul Johri

      Sir Thank you for video Sir we havee same laptop i want to upgrade Ram how to procedure.

    54. X Xe

      Could you show how to add more RAM for this model

      1. Ian Sun

        RAM is soldered. unless you have the right tools to unsolder and resolder the ram back on, its not worth it at all.

    55. Gerhard Petersen

      What's with the out of focus on all your stuff?

      1. Gerhard Petersen

        The whole video is out of focus.....

    56. Jose Grajeda

      I have this exact laptop (hp Spectre x360), it is starting to run slow after I over charged it. I thought replacing the battery might help. Do you know by chance what model or what kind of hp battery this is? I’m looking for a replacement but can’t find anything online. I would appreciate the help!

      1. mohammed-_- 2660


    57. Dj khaleds ugly brother

      You saved me from failing my online class good bless ur magic wizard knowledge

    58. Milton S. Kendall

      Will this work for the 13 inchspectre 360 2-1