how to connect and use a 8Bitdo controller to a Nintendo Switch


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    how to connect and use a 8Bitdo controller to a Nintendo Switch

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    1. Andreanne Huard

      Thank you for this! I always have trouble remembering this

    2. Juan S C

      Thank you for the video! Big help!!

    3. Ticiano Küster

      Do you need an adapter?

    4. Luiz Gabriel

      Dude mine won't connect anymore

    5. Mimsy

      mine still doesn't work. I got it to sync when I first got it, but randomly it just doesn't connect when I press start and y

      1. Mimsy

        even when I directly connect the remote to the console

    6. Christina Lacey

      I can get the switch to work just fine, but when I transfer it to the tv it won't work

    7. Mikplayeur

      Thank you very much! The true tip given here is to do the two steps in this order and fast : => "Start + Y" and immediately after this => "Sync" pushed for 2s

    8. Alfonso Leal


    9. Bendik Remøy

      Worked for me😁

    10. Anthony Gosselin

      Thanks a lot man! Straight to the point :P

    11. Shawn Pitman

      Sound isn't working?

    12. Chris Spaght

      i appreciate the no nonsense , no "hello youtube today we're gonna.. but first here's a clip of me playing mario kart for 5 minutes"

      1. TrasherBiner

        Or like the Minecraft videos "greetings, today we are going to lean how to craft a crafting table. But first let's go to my crafter experiments room in my house golden diamond house going on my redstone powered elevator...blablabla...details abolut his fucking house nobody cares about". Actual content duration : 6 seconds.

    13. Buster Wolf! - PG3D

      I like how he just tells you how to do it without complicating it. Nice tutorial. 🙂👌

    14. therealbradmo

      Hell yeah, worked. Thanks!!

    15. Rookie Gamer

      is possible connect two or more of this controller at same time on nswitch??

    16. Cecilie Gynild

      🤔Nintendo switch 8bitdo

    17. Math YT

      I love u thanks so much