Fake Martial arts MASTERS EXPOSED live


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    Hi guys hope you're doing well, this video is about those fake masters everyone wanted to see getting exposed ! so here you go.
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    1. Manolo Xines

      Really good this Nocluejitsui!

    2. Eldos Peter


    3. Ash are the best YouTuber I love your stringsCann


    4. Gaëtan Ragusa

      8:38 calme toi chérie j'arrive !!!!! on a les mêmes à la maison.....😂🤣😅😀😁🤣😂

    5. Nelson Rodriguez

      Fat dude moves like Elvis 🤣🤣😂

    6. Akai Hakujisai

      Võ hài của Việt Nam đấy kkk

    7. Peter Glynn

      The guy in the suit would make a good brakedancer as for his kung-fu more like slap me some more master.

    8. Bongo Bongolovski III

      8:33 the guy on the right 😂

    9. wow wawiwaw

      Wow this is amazing acting

    10. Russel Igonia

      Stupid clowns 🤡🤡🤡

    11. SOSA

      China is the biggest joke... one of the most fake and biggest hoaxing countries/nations like 90% of everything thing coming from/out of China is a big fat illusion and lie. The country/state is so keen on deeply imbedding brainwashing and propaganda on its people and anyone else they are capable of doing it to. It’s so crazy now when one thinks about it how they almost had the whole world fooled for a while in the 1960-90s with the “effectiveness” of the Chinese mystical martial arts in their Kungfu movies😂 And still till this day a big majority if not, most of China’s own citizens, even others around the world believe in it. And like i said before not only martial arts this applies to almost anything from products to politics etc. there is a reason you say made in China when you want to imply that something is not of a good quality/bad. Poor Chinese people I feel bad for them honestly having to adhere to all that craziness even in this day and age. But only the good ones are worth pitying. There is some real pieces of shits there to like the ones helping/supporting the oppression, torture and killing of its oyghur Muslim minority people being treated like slaughterhouse pigs even worse. Yet you see no one talk about it and shed light on their situation. Just a hows the disturbing hypocrisy and propaganda of the west, how they till this day bring up what hitler did to the Jews although it happened such a long time ago, yet this is happening now as you read this. And barely a single world of any big news channel or state heads leaders, famous figures etc.. even the east/ Middle East is disgusting for not helping their own. This whole world is a dark place really.

    12. Jonathan Guermant

      2:23 ptdr amener lui brock lesnar ont va voir si il se dandine toujours comme un poulpe

    13. KOBEAST and Kobayashi

      Here’s what I don’t get if this shit is fake than why are their so many students, are they that naive

    14. Raspberry jam 5

      Stupid calm down

    15. Arm Strong

      Iam still laughing man he ruined her face

    16. Alexis A

      actor are really good !

    17. Jigar Bhinde

      Whenever i watch fake martial artist videos, I used to remember Mr. Satan from dragon ball z 😂😂

    18. S0LID RAV3N0US

      9:16 he must have paid her a lot

    19. Doğukan Can

      Last one is greek people

    20. Tae Gucci

      Lol I can’t

    21. DrDisasta

      @8:03 This is what you get when you wax off instead wax on.

    22. Timuçin Türkoğlu

      9:15 look like a greek they are should be greek

    23. BNC

      Giải trí thật 😂

    24. Yiğit Yılmaz

      Ulan dünyada ne enayi insanlar varda bu tiplere inanıyorlar.

    25. IORI Sea

      If yujiro hanma exists he would beat absolutely shiit these fake

    26. K

      Esse de faixa vermelha deveria levar um surra

    27. Kevin Noctis

      That fella in coat slap like a bitch..lol🤣🤣🤣

    28. Drajat Wahyu


    29. Mac Cabee

      2:55 So Joaquin Phoenix's joker is a martial artist

    30. nikhil rajput

      China is shit

    31. 5855 l


    32. Deep6_Productions

      Damn I needed this laugh 🤣🤣🤣

    33. 李紹誌


    34. furnjohn

      Why was that "master" in a suit? Lol!

    35. micky yadav

      Oscar nominated acting

    36. antho2 O2

      Head shot 😬😬😬😂😂

    37. Henry Clark


    38. noobstyle GMD

      All i need to beat this vietnam dancer is boxing gloves

    39. E-Sleazy

      That is a tough door lmfao

    40. Charya Khemera


    41. Jahangir Akbar

      Lol Fake like Indian Media 😂 Always post fake news and the most funny part is Indians believe there fake media 🤣

    42. Tom Cruise

      5:48 🔥😁😁


      L'uomo in giacca è il più fenomenale, il problema è la gente che ci va dietro, altrimenti non si spiega la loro ridicolita'

    44. Sabaat Naveed

      Use physics my friend

    45. LeeTV Films

      The guy falling down the stairs. I lost my shit right there!

    46. samoil eid junior

      Search for Lacerda, ‘Mestre da morte’ Kkkkkkkkk

    47. Canguru Perneta

      0:27 This man is Jake mace ?

    48. Mattwildsavage gaming

      0:50 I LAUGHED SO HARD

    49. VerVeg 2399

      The power of money

    50. ศรีประภา เย็นสบาย

      ละครลิง 55555

    51. Veceslav Rinkevic

      Мастеру по ушам надавали.

    52. Fireman Tim

      Don't hurt the guy so much dude.

    53. keytia x1

      so many jokers

    54. tuan ho


    55. Alber Herrera

      El k mas me kae mal es el gordo se ve k es man frustrado x no aprender bien kun fu y tiene k pagarle a otros para demostrar k si sabe si es k eso es una demostracion x k solo hace el ridiculo es una verguenza para los k practican el arte marcial

    56. Ngọc Quang Nguyễn


    57. Ngọc Quang Nguyễn


    58. lic. kengue

      Es entrenamientos para hacer películas😂

    59. รักชาติ ยามแผ่นดินไทย

      เลิกบ้าลำสักทีเถอะ เสี่ยวตรง..อะของแท้

    60. Jewel Cysart


    61. m v

      I have a 3 Dan black belt in Slip Jutsu

    62. marian roberto

      Joe Rogan need to this fake martial art video 😂😂😂

    63. dody salfian

      its dance movement u know

    64. Quang tho D


    65. Shahil Ahmed

      Vai ye martial dunia ko ullu bna ta hei baas!! Asal zindegi mein mma ya boxing he km ata hei Bt jujitsu is good though

    66. Yash Poddar

      Real life Mr satan from dbz

    67. Waliudin Waliudin

      Coba di tes sma singsiadonk

    68. Вячеслав Клин

      Мы же живём,в мире лжи и невежества!!!

    69. Rodrigo Cano

      6:10 la cara del tipo como "no otra vez" 😂

    70. Captain YumYum

      2:34 when a fly is annoying you

    71. Hanan Rusydi Majid

      You know it's fucked up when the master looked like 40 years old obese uncle

    72. Daus & Azka

      2:25 😂😂😂😂 very2 fake 😂😂😂

    73. Hung Van

      Nam huỳnh đạo như con cặt .

    74. Muhammad Azim

      Dia belum kenal ilmu silat lagi ni

    75. P.S. Arturo

      At least this bastards ain’t pastors of some kind of religion, this ones are more infamous, cheating the people with their supposed “Holy Spirit” within them, honestly I prefer the fake masters, at least the lie doesn’t hurt the faith 🤷🏻‍♂️

    76. SΛPPHIRΞ TryNity

      Why did u call it the ‘spring jutsu’? That was chinese nit japanese

      1. SΛPPHIRΞ TryNity


    77. Michael Clay

      Imitating the power rangers after you watch them does not make you a martial arts master it doesn't even make you a stable student

    78. nawar K

      NOBODY GOT HURT IN THIS VIDEO Me: are you sure?

    79. XiceaxeX

      No se por que miro esta mierda solo me hace enfurecer

    80. Sheyn Libarios

      1:23 that master had a powerful smell

    81. AxWyy

      Damn that 1 uppercut made him bleed

    82. AxWyy

      0:18 his face says it all , he f*cked up big time

      1. Canguru Perneta

        AxWyy, He's Jake Mace ?

    83. Norbert Gangmein

      7:5 ,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yooooooo.........😆😀

    84. kin tag44

      hahaha 7:05

    85. Amoo Jan


    86. Deviro Sairo

      They lie him self🤣🤣🤣👎👎👎

    87. Edson Casarin

      Estes mestres me lembram Mr. Satan do Dragon Ball Z...

    88. Denis Alihev


    89. Ricardo Anjos


    90. Kenan Jaran

      0:21 is look like two cats get in the fight 😂😂😂😂

    91. Omid Khaleqi

      Shet master

    92. Ryan da Silva Sãntos Lee

      8:36 guy sounds like there’s something blocked his nose😂

    93. woblr gaming

      My 6 year old little cousin can beat these guys by himself

    94. Kucing Garong

      Hahahaha aku jadi malu

    95. Yuliy Zoria

      "o kurwa" był najsilniejszy!

    96. Wild Wolf

      7:38 the forbidden jutsu

    97. 박민일Min Il

      They mastered the art of slap