TOP 10 Heaviest deadlifts EVER (2020), STRONGMAN Eddie Hall, Thor, Brian Shaw ...


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    This is a top of the most heaviest deadlift ever featuring Bryan Shaw, Eddie Hall , Haftor Bjornsson aka the Moutain !
    Enjoy !

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    1. Flavio Batista

      Quero ver fazerem igual o Ronie Coleman

    2. haris aldian


    3. Reyhansyah Akbar

      The real hulk

    4. Hans-Joerg Wagner

      Was für Tiere erstaunliche, was Chemie möglich macht oder

    5. Igor Younes

      Bendikt's lift is 460kg not 473kg

    6. Martha Ruiz

      Inspirational bigin

    7. hadi Yusuf cihangir

      Where cenk koçak

    8. Big Ken

      Nice compilation!

    9. Гоха Сибиряк

      Зачем музыка? Вы самое интересное делаете не интерестным

    10. DIEGO Sanchez

      Luis lcf k si sbh

    11. Haciendo Hora

      hi! loved the video! i have one question how come he lifts 501 in private ,but not in a tournament(i think) in private, it seems he does it "easily"" but then he cant even lift .thanks in advance (im a casual fan, dont hate me, thx u)

      1. Rodney Davila

        Practice, and hard work, the time when Hafthor could not complete the 500kg lift was very long before he hit the 501kg. And I believe that 501 was with the world in pandemic, so, no tournament

    12. Antonio Centeno

      Bro, so much Wrong with the video... Benni´s heaviest 465, you put a video of his 460, not 473; Shaw has done 464 in Comp too. This is a list of the 10 heaviest deadlifts, officially and just one entry per lifter: 1. Thor, 501 2. Hall, 500 3 . Makarov, 470 4. Pritchett, 468 Elephant Bar 5. Magnusson 465 6. Shaw 464 Elephant Bar 7. JF Caron 463 Elephant Bar 8. Bolton 457.5 9. Heinla 455 10. Belkin 445 Sumo (had to put it since there´s only 9 official 1000 pound club lifters) Now, this is another list of 10 Heaviest deadlifts, officially, with repeated lifters: 1. Thor, 501 2. Hall, 500 3. Thor 474 Elephant Bar 4. Hall 472.5 Long bar 5. Thor 472 Elephant Bar 6. Makarov 470 7. Pritchett 468 Elephant Bar 8. Magnusson, 465; Pritchett, 465; Hall 465; Hall 465 Elephant Bar; Thor 465; Thor 465 Elephant Bar. 9. Shaw 464 Elephant Bar 10. Caron 463 Elephant Bar. Now, this is the list of the ten heaviest deadlifts ever, official and unofficial: 1. Thor, 501 2. Hall, 500 3. Makarov 490 Dubious lockout, Gym Lift 4. Thor 480 Elephant Bar, Gym Lift 5. Pehiman 476; (Jamal 476 and Heinla 475 where done sumo, so i mention them here) Gym Lift 6. Thor 474 Elephant Bar 7. Thor 473 Elephant Bar Gym lift 8. Hall 472.5 Long Bar 9. Thor 472 Elephant Bar 10. Thor, Heinla, Makarov, 470, first two gym lifts, Makarov´s official.

      1. Diego

        nice info, but man..i dont like the Thor's 501kg. The event ocurred in his country, in his place, with his friends, in his time, in his everything. Big sh..t they saying the Thor's record is oficial.

    13. saybo

      the name of the first song?

      1. TearItDown

        "grateful - NEFFEX"

    14. Ali Apo.mohmmad

      اكتب عنوان المقطع بشكلٍ صحيح

    15. anik dam

      dont bleed because of that

    16. King Gamer


    17. Malte

      Nobody: Me at 2Am: *watches this video*

    18. Lisa & Enzo

      2:54 Mark Henry !!!!!!!!

    19. Bairqm Molla


    20. Bairqm Molla


    21. popolloful

      hafthor: im kinda sus of white White: I LIVE AND DIE BY YOUR COMMAND M'LORD *proceeds to funnel himself*

    22. Marco Molina

      This music sucked

    23. Rafael Atanazio

      Watch the music ?

    24. Lamar Davis

      _Flight beat all these records he just didn’t have the cameras on at the time._

    25. Cole Mcduff

      2:18 "Brian Shawn"... best fix that

    26. Usman


    27. Justin Burns

      Haddy hale

    28. 시청잘함

      3:40초 뒤에서 저렇게 응원하면 나같아도 살려고 들겠다

    29. SR WAWER 77

      Nombre de la cancion de fondo

    30. Gustavo Gaitan

      4:08 The dogs in the neighborhood be like:

    31. Luke 94

      Lol, even spelling names wrong 😂

      1. Adipati Renaldi

        Big z where, kntol

      2. خالد خالد


    32. Bart Kroon

      That forehead vein pop at the end 😳😳😳

      1. Luke 94

        Bart Kroon testosterone 😂

      2. Bart Kroon

        @Luke 94 why tho 🤣

      3. Luke 94

        Bart Kroon it wasn’t a vein pop, he slammed his fist into his forehead before the lift and cut himself.

    33. isaac i

      Sow strong

    34. TheVanillatech

      "highly controversial by the community..." By the Eddie Hall Cheerleader community and their captain Colin Brice, perhaps. Thor smashed it with more in the tank.

      1. TheVanillatech

        @Achillion Eddie bled from every orifice after barely locking out 500kg. Passed out, hospitalized, cried a few tears... Thor eased 501kg up, nodded and smiled, placed it back down and went for a walk and a chat with his friends. "It doesn't count! His Dad weighed the weights! He probably cheated! It wasn't official! I doubt I'll be beaten in my lifetime! Everyone will remember MINE because I was FIRST!" (c) Eddie "Crybaby" Hall

      2. Achillion

        Eddie held it much longer

    35. Thiago guerreiro

      Gostaria De Ver Uma Disputa Entre HALL X Bjornsson...Aposto No Eddie Hall

      1. S A G A Z ツ

        @Amauri Júnior sim kkk

      2. Amauri Júnior

        Mas o Eddie é um tanque tbm

      3. Amauri Júnior

        Thor é mais forte kk

      4. S A G A Z ツ

        O Thor ganha :v

    36. Kaliti Fakakovikaetau

      2:46 Mark henry???? lol

      1. Sir Crabton


      2. Ancalagon The Black

        Omg just saw him

    37. Ozzieboy123

      Its brian shaw no bryan shawn

    38. leo maxer

      whats the song please can you tell me

    39. Robert Długi

      Sick shit

    40. SaitoGits

      Because in the top 10 it does not appear Zydrunas Savickas? him in 2014 Arnold Strongman could lift 1155 pounds...

    41. Jeffy Man

      3:45 me and the boys playin Warzone except they're all dead and its a 1v3 and i actually clutch it.

    42. Myrza Usupbekov

      Исландия кузня силачей.

    43. Myrza Usupbekov


    44. artevichinga

      Eddie hall è un grande!

      1. TearItDown

        "when Johnny comes marching home"

      2. saybo

        ciao, mi sai dire il nome della prima canzone?

    45. Camilo Carvajal

      como se lllama la cancion que sale al principio del video

    46. The Kruxed

      Such a poor video from a factual point of view from someone who doesn't know strongman and didn't do any research. There's no Ivan Makarov (475kg and 490kg, no Jerry Pritchett (465kg same night Eddie got his 500) some of these lifts are elephant bars which is very different to a standard bar, Benni's raw deadlift was not 473kg it was 460kg he did 465kg the same night as Eddie and Jerry. If you want to add all deadlifts then these aren't the max either as theres 18 inch deadlifts, team deadlifts etc

    47. The Kruxed

      Such a poor video from a factual point of view from someone who doesn't know strongman and didn't do any research. There's no Ivan Makarov (475kg and 490kg, no Jerry Pritchett (465kg same night Eddie got his 500) some of these lifts are elephant bars which is very different to a standard bar, Benni's raw deadlift was not 473kg it was 460kg he did 465kg the same night as Eddie and Jerry. If you want to add all deadlifts then these aren't the max either as theres 18 inch deadlifts, team deadlifts etc

      1. The Kruxed

        ​@Droneguy Ah yes a great example of the classic whataboutery and strawmanning ;-)

      2. Droneguy

        Can you please make the perfect video, just to show us how it's done?, i mean since you're apparently both a professor in Strongman, and obviously a world champion in making videos?

    48. le savoyard

      Zydrunas Saviskas 524kg

    49. Wyatt Jarvia

      Eddie fell to the ground from that lift and had a brain bleed and thor walked unskaved thats bs

      1. rocco gentilella

        @J C eddie held it for longer though.

      2. Orbit Exe

        You missed the part of Eddie holding it that caused the fall part

      3. El Guapo

        𝙃𝙖𝙛𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙧 𝙚𝙨 𝙖𝙨 𝙛𝙪𝙚𝙧𝙩𝙚

      4. J C

        @Qwerty Uiop Eddie took a whole year to prepare and was a guest lifter for the deadlift lmao. He choose all the weight jumps and all the resting times, the others where told to adapt to what HE wanted. Stop with all that bullshit "it was during a competition blabla", Eddie had literally everything he wanted, Thor did it with stricker rules than he did and only took like 4 months of prep. He did'nt collapse for the simple reason that he is the strongest deadlifter

      5. The Kruxed

        Because Thor is 6 inches taller so can carry more weight and had slowly built up to this moment, he eats more heathy too, Eddie was having 2 litres of ice cream a day just for calories at that point lol and made a huge jump in weight, no matter how Thor looked his central nervous system would have felt it for a good while

    50. Mayank Rajawat

      Mr. Nasser doesn't seems interested in your deal 😂😂😂😂😂

    51. Ronald Ventolina

      *HOLY SHIT* , That intro give me chills

    52. Mentino

      girl's locker room: "ohmygaad can you believe what becky said yesterday?" boy's locker room: 4:05

      1. South Park

        @Jeffy Man yes. You are being very dumb.

      2. Jeffy Man

        wait i dont get it. am i being dumb?

      3. Mentino

        @DJ WAHTZ ?

      4. DJ WAHTZ

        No... just no.

    53. Nene P.

      whats the title of the song ?

      1. Rhydian Jones

        Lol I thought it sead Netflix

      2. Jeffmangunn

        "Grateful" by Neffex

    54. Brett Helmer

      Magnusson’s 1043 with no straps is the best! Unreal grip strength

      1. The Kruxed

        its not 1043 its 1014, the guy making the video got it wrong

    55. taipan Inco-herente


      1. El Guapo


    56. Davids Ciecierski


    57. Davids Ciecierski


    58. Edwerd Richie

      Not worth for life

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      1. El Guapo

        𝙙𝙞𝙤𝙨 𝙣𝙤 𝙚𝙭𝙞𝙨𝙩𝙚

      2. Ricardo Vila

        A rezar a la iglesia

      3. Dolunay 440

        El fanatismo religioso es lo peor. Que se lo pregunten a los franceses

      4. David Valdepijas

        No es ni el momento ni el lugar para esto

      5. Margarita Guerrero

        Bueno OJALA seas ejemplo de buen projimo

    60. Joel Monserrate

      These are beasts that one among us disguised as men!

    61. Kevin Shit

      Edie Hall levantó 500kg y literalmente casi se muere , Thor sea verdad o no , los levantó mucho más "fácil" y creo que puede levantar más todavía y se lo está guardando para cuando pase la pandemia y vuelvan las competiciones presenciales.

      1. Qwerty Uiop

        Thor aparte de hacer todo fuera de competicion (cuando lo hizo no estaba cansado y podia elegir cuando hacerlo, a eddie se le obligaba a levantarlo o irse), se preparó especificamente para romper ese record record que parecia imposible años atras porque madie se había ni acercado, eddie mejoró el record por unos 40kg creo y Thor por uno, ademas de que se ha retirado se ha pasado con los esteroides, el y eddie o lo dejaban o se iban al cementerio. El resto usan pero menos, mi favorito es Brian Shaw, y se está preparando para romper el reto en competicion

      2. Alejandro Valles Quiroz

        Ya a anunció su retiro que no?

    62. Lauty

      4:03 los audios en guasap

      1. El Guapo

        𝙌𝙪𝙚𝙚𝙚 𝙥𝙖𝙨𝙝𝙤

    63. Kincses András

      What is the name of the music?

      1. César Augusto Rendón Lino

        Grateful-Neffex; te falta cultura bro XD

      2. Kincses András

        Thank you

      3. Yrudontyuru 4664


    64. Aman Siddharth

      Very .......nice sir

    65. etienne gb

      Comment c'est possible de s'etre trompé autant de fois sur les poids dans la video

    66. WingmanF

      Eddie y’all stronger than Thor

      1. Yutman Rodreg

        @WingmanF 😂😂 Thor has 10 international titles, Eddie has fucking 1

      2. WingmanF

        @Yutman Rodreg he is strong and doesn’t cheat fucking Thor double dips tf

      3. Yutman Rodreg

        No he’s not 😂

    67. Alexis Jara

      Porque le sangra la frente?

      1. Jhoan Pico

        El compa le pegó un cabezo cuando lo estaba motivando :v

    68. TeardownVideo

      Thor world record is legit, There was no cheating, it was checked by an official who was there during all the event.

      1. The Kruxed

        @Yutman Rodreg While thats true, he was still in a competition with other lifters in a stadium with all that entails, Thor was in a competition with himself, in his own house, surrounded by only his family and friends

      2. Yutman Rodreg

        @Shem Shem Eddie chose everyrhing as well🤦‍♂️ he used his own platform, bar and fucking rest times

      3. Caleb Hale

        I feel like its controversial because its only 2 more pounds, a lot of people feel like Eddie hall could have lifted 2 more pounds

      4. Shem Shem

        The problem with most is not that it was cheating the problem is that he did it in his own gym. The problem with competition is that you don’t get to decide, you don’t get to choose your favourite bar, favourite Mat, favourite type of plate, favourite crowd, favourite warm up weights, rest time, not being in your ideal environment, different temperatures, different humidity etc. And most importantly is the stress coming from actual competition. These things all seem very minute but when we are talking about the best of the best and the edge of human capabilities it does matter a lot. The problem is that Thor got to choose everything he wanted exactly as he wanted, you don’t get that in comp and it can be a big disadvantage if you don’t get it exactly right. Plus now that people can do it all in their own gym what is to stop them from secretly cheating in the future? If Thor did not cheat it does open up the chance for others to do so. Plus it takes away from the actual sport, you don’t see formula one drivers, body builders, golf players, etc all compete on different days and times and then just decide who is best afterwards, the idea of the sport is that it is all done together at the same time otherwise you can’t properly decide who is best it just takes a huge element out of the sport. It takes out the social aspect of the sport and ruins the sport to a degree.

      5. Micktrinus

        It's technically legit, but many don't want to recognize it because strongman records are historically done as part of a competition. When Eddie Hall did 500KG, it was during the World Deadlift Championship. The reason it matters is that they do other weights leading up to the final weight, competitors will discuss how much weight to put on the bar for the next lift, etc. There's also the fact that their final lift in the chase for these records is usually harder simply because they have already been lifting heavy weights. With Thor's lift, he probably only did a few warmup sets and some stretching before going right into the final lift...that's where the controversy comes from.

    69. Kenzy


    70. Luis Barro

      Bjorssonson es el mejor 💪🏽

      1. Romario Castillo

        Zydrunas Zavickas es el mejor

    71. Simon Linder

      Very good video👍🏻

    72. Ahmed B

      Современный рэп который в начале играет, не очень подходит. Из за этого плохо мотивирует в начале, но потом получше. Like

      1. Ahmed B

        @Vadim Ангур не, слишком спокойный. Я люблю ноги тренировать под Burzum-Jesus Tod

      2. Vadim Ангур

        Neffex самый топ под тренировки

    73. Max Robichaud

      hi omg plz respond

      1. Dd Dddd

        Hi yay?

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      3. Max Robichaud

        @TearItDown omg

      4. TearItDown

        hi !

    74. Bodybest&Nutrition& Store&Advisor

      Esto es para volverse LOCO de MOTIVACION 💪💪💪💪✊😎

    75. the madtrax

      wow fat guys lifting things but cant even sprint or do daily things, my respect

      1. Micktrinus

        Different sports have different requirements on the body, I mean look at the difference between a marathon runner and a powerlifter/strongman.

      2. the madtrax

        @Rex Ferguson I know, maybe i should have said big instead of fat. But i am still not a fan of them.

      3. Rex Ferguson

        Fitness has no definition other than a class of people with abilities that a normal person could not do. These men are lifting over 1000lbs with ease, and that "fat" is a patch of muscle dense as lead

      4. the madtrax

        @TeardownVideo i know but look at them, its not fitness or anything, its to much.

      5. TeardownVideo

        Haha, they are not fat but musclar! It's different

    76. HydroCrazy

      Why is the 501 Kg deadlift world record by the Mountain controversial? Can someone explain plz

      1. sgdz XtremePresure

        @A A2327 hmm that's new info I didn't know. Thor livestrreaming it is different than doing in person though. Its probably not as nerve wrecking having to livestream it than to do it in front of a crowd. But anyways very unlucky for Thor since he trained so hard for this and having COVID-19 ulter his plans. If the virus wasn't here and if he did pull it there probably won't be as much of a drama now.

      2. A A2327

        @sgdz XtremePresure Thor had a total of 15 minutes between his lifts, he followed competition rules and it's on livestream for everyone to see. Whereas Eddie was allowed nearly a half hour for his 500kg pull, even Pritchett said the only reason he tore his hamstring was because he cooled down so much due to having the show catered around Hall.

      3. sgdz XtremePresure

        From what I heard the reason is because there is a difference between lifting at your home compared to on a stage. Home you can choose when you want to pull compared to on stage where it’s on signal and you must go no matter if you are ready or not. And typically they say that what you can lift at home you probably wouldn’t be able to on stage because of the pressure of the audience.

      4. A A2327

        @Magiisk Actually no. Magnus Ver Magnusson who's the head referee for giants live and worlds strongest man witnessed it in person. The plates were weighed on camera, and it was watched by thousands live on ESPN.

      5. TeardownVideo

        @Magiisk Thor world record is legit, There was no cheating, it was checked by an official who was there during all the event.

    77. Nitin Saxena