HP Spectre x360 screen replacement step by step broken screen


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    HP Spectre x360 SCREEN replacement, display Panel replacement
    Buy a compatible very good SSD: amzn.to/37cSmMa
    Feel free to leave yours questions or requets in the comment section below.

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    1. Jimmy James

      Looking for hp spectre screen model 13-4102Tu

    2. Jeff Hall

      So this is very straight forward...however when attaching the wireless antenna cables the #2 cable will not snap back onto the post. I keep trying to it will not stay connected... Any thoughts? Is there a pin inside that is possibly bent?

    3. Disassembling & Assembling computer

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    4. dylan vasquez

      what’s the model of this laptop?

    5. dylan vasquez

      is this an 15-ap012dx hp laptop?

    6. Noah Who

      Love this!! Got confused about the webcam cable though, next time it would help if you showed us what it is. :)

    7. Darya

      Wonderful job creating this video. I was able to replace my fan, keyboard, and complete lid. Fantastic to not only have the how to take a part information but also how to put it together. Thank you so much.

    8. Patrick Pomerleau-Perron

      Thank you very much. Worked for me :)

    9. badfun69

      Crap ass waste of time video.

    10. Aaron Moffatt


    11. nawwar ukey

      Hi, A great video. A quick question, I bought my laptop in 2017 and I am a bit confused of choosing the right spare part. How do I know what is the right LCD LED Screen Touch Panel for my Spectre x360? Are they all the same? or there is a specific spare part for each year made laptop? Thanks..

      1. Mel

        Hello, I opened up the computer and just next to the hinge, there is the screen'/s serial number. If you type this number on Google you will find the perfect screen for your laptop

      2. TearItDown

        Hi, You can look for the part number at the Hp website using your serial number partsurfer.hp.com/search.aspx

    12. TearItDown

      Leave your questions ! Check out my last video (New 3ds GTA Painting hugets.info/show/sqRnmdfVtWNok34/vide.html )

    13. Peter Bresler

      This is the best Spectre X360 disassembly video....thanks!

    14. Lito Aranda

      Excellent Video, very well explained and covers all details. Perfect for all technical experience levels, you could follow up step by step or FWD if you work a little faster. I could consider this video as one of the best instructional videos I have ever seen, quality video and well edited. I would only wish their were some narration besides the written instructions the music is okay, but after a while it gets annoying. Great Job !!!

    15. Richard PG

      Thank you so much for this video, just completed changing the screen on my wife's HP laptop. Your video made it a breeze.

    16. Karan Balwani

      Great video. I think I just stumbled upon the perfect teardown channel. Thank you.

    17. Max Julien

      Hi I followed your guidance to replace the screen. However, after i completed, the keyboard does not respond when in windows but functions well in bios. Could you help please?

      1. krishart16

        Max, did you ever get this problem resolved? I changed out the screen following this video and my keyboard did not work in Windows after the replacement, it did however work in the bios.

    18. Podgorski37

      You really don't need to disassemble the motherboard smh

    19. MartinTubeOn

      I just did this. Everything works great again. My screen broke and buying a used laptop to salvage the screen was cheaper than hp service out of warranty or a new laptop! Thanks for the instructions!

      1. Parth Tiwari

        How much did your screen cost?

    20. CHHunny KHAT

      I can update ram?

    21. Luthien S

      Wow, so useless. First off, you have the complete assembly replacement with frame... that's not how replacements come unless you buy one used on ebay for $400. Second, your video shows disassembling the entire motherboard... WHY? You can take the hinges off and replace the whole thing without taking the mobo out... that's just stupid.

    22. Aziz Khan

      from where you bought that screen? i have hp spectre xt and half of my screen is dark , can it be repaired or i should change my lcd? please reply me or contact me azizisoffline@gmail.com

    23. Gabriel Rodriguez

      This is for the touch screen version as well?

    24. Animelytical

      Okay so my screen got a random crack which has grown and now the the HP logo appears when turning on, but the screen then remains completely black. How much damage is there? what parts do I have to replace. Is the damage elsewhere?

      1. Animelytical

        @David Baze HOLY SHI- The screen started working after repeating this a few times. Not to the blue screen though. I chickened out after I posted this comment and only found this video again by pure chance. Thanks! Of course I still have to fix it....

      2. David Baze

        Do you get the loading circle under the hp logo? If so try getting it into advanced start up by turning it off and on three times in a row until you see "startup repair" it should eventually take you to a blue screen to go to advanced options for like safe mode and what have you

    25. Allen Hueber

      Do you know if there are 2 part numbers for this display - one for PASSIVE touch only displays and one for ACTIVE - that use the HP ACTIVE stylus pen. I've replaced a cracked screen with this part number and the finger touch works fine but not the ACTIVE stylus pen - I've even loaded a new OS on a new drive on this system thinking it was a possible driver issue. HP will not help me since out of warranty.

    26. David Moorman

      Thanks! This is just what I needed. Great Instruction!

    27. Guillermo Andres Leyton Ensignia

      Did just like the video... but now my keyboard doesnt work. The connector is fine... don't know what happened.

      1. krishart16

        @Leanna Watts My computer worked fine after changing the settings. It shouldn't have anything to do with the rotation of the display. Maybe you have it locked which would prevent the rotation from changing the display.

      2. Leanna Watts

        @krishart16 does this setting stop the computer going into tent mode though? I just tried it and my screen wouldn't rotate

      3. krishart16

        @Leanna Watts that is wonderful news!!!!!!

      4. Leanna Watts

        I decided to buy this part and take it to a shop to fix. They claimed my keyboard wasn't working and was damaged when everything worked fine the whole week my screen was cracked. I knew nothing was wrong but the shop insisted my keyboard components were broken and wanted to charge me to fix it too.I'm so glad I saw these comments. I got the keyboard to work by changing the settings. You saved me money

      5. krishart16

        @Henry Tan Very glad it's working for you!!!!!!

    28. Aziz Khan

      i have hp spectre xt half of my screen is dark and i cant see icons clearly what should i do? please reply? please

    29. bombaglad32

      potato quality video even on fullHD

    30. Alejandro Barron

      So you only require a 7.5mm Torx, 3.5mm PI Phillips and a 2.0mm P0 Phillips? Great Video!

    31. Zac Scott

      Thanks for the great video! Do you know if it matter whether I change resolution displays. My 1440p touch display broke and I am looking at replacing with 1080p touch mainly for cost purposes.

      1. Guillermo Andres Leyton Ensignia

        dont think its going to be compatible... the screen resolution may have different connectors (pins)

    32. Gary Bruce

      Hey nice! whats the Music track! ???

    33. Maks

      realy? Not screen, all lid replacement! homemade workers

      1. WelshiePlaysGuitar

        Imagine wasting 6 minutes of a screen replacement video to find out they don't even show just screen replacement

    34. Rob Cross

      Hey, thanks for the video. My screen is currently cracked - would this be all I need to buy for my HP-Spectre-X360-13-4013dx? Or will I need something else? www.ebay.com/itm/HP-Spectre-X360-13-4013dx-13-4020ca-13-3-034-IPS-FHD-Touch-LED-LCD-Screen-assembly-/172611379733?

      1. TearItDown

        hi, if you choose to do it this way, you will probably a suction cup in order to take off the original screen. in the video the entire display assembly is taken off, it's easier and safer i think.

    35. Golden Rockefeller

      What is the MPN for the monitor?

    36. Antonio Bordallo

      great video but could you do another one teaching how to substitute only the digitizer glass of the display? I have this same model, its glass cracked, but the display screen still works perfectly.

      1. Sgt Haddix

        Antonio Bordallo I just finished doing exactly this and let me tell you man, it fucking sucks, I suggest buying the display and taking it into a shop for someone else to assemble it for you, because it’s a whole fucking ordeal

      2. Matty Jay


    37. Troy Brist

      Hi! I have the hp envy x360 15-w110nr, will it be the exact same process as the video?