HP Elitebook 820 / 725 G1, G2 Series Teardown, MOTHERBOARD REPLACEMENT


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    HP Elitebook 820 / 725 G1, G2 Series Teardown, SYSTEM BOARD REPLACEMENT

    Buy a compatible very good SSD: amzn.to/37cSmMa
    Feel free to leave yours questions or requets in the comment section below.

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    1. thomsomm

      Great Video - best PC repair instructions I have seen so far! I just replaced the fan on my HP Elitebook and would have been lost without your detailed instructions! Thanks a lot!

    2. Andriev Bastichy

      what a goddamn pain just to switch a fugging fan.

    3. T U T

      comment vous faite pour ajouter les signalisations en jaune ( les cercle, logos...)

      1. TearItDown

        je les ai fait sur Gimp sur fond transparent, puis ajouter au montage sur premiere pro, mais il doit y avoir un des moyens plus simples

    4. No more excuses

      best technical video period, and it was beyond anything I have ever seen, your amazing at this...

    5. Black Surface

      You are my hero

    6. Ciabbale

      Do I need to do all of this just for replacing thermal paste too? :S

      1. TearItDown

        unfotunately you need acces to the heatsink, so most of it, yes

    7. yuanda rahmat

      hey dude, can i install m.2 ssd 2280 for elitebook 820 g1? thanks

    8. SuGGoz

      Another fucking useless video. Where to fuck is the CMOS battery?

      1. TearItDown

        Lol the cmos battery is under the mother board!

    9. Peter Ehlert

      excellent, thanks for the help

    10. Alexis Stange

      Buen video wn gracias a ti puse arreglar mi pc conchatumare ♡♡♡♡

    11. Bill Foster

      Excellent video. Do you have a video for replacement of the touchpad on this computer? Thanks.

    12. Komlar

      Hi, what did you place on the cloth for remove the old thermic compound ?

    13. Allen Marunganhe

      Is it good for gaming???

    14. James Gragg

      Had to watch this video to talk the HP repairman through a tear down of this model

    15. Ery Santamaria

      Hi, can i upgrade my hp elitebook 725 g2 with hp elitebook 820 g2 core i7 motherboard?

    16. ZsNUTS

      what song is this?

      1. Peter Lynch

        Horizons - Medaraci