Simple things Strongman and bodybuilders struggle with (ft Eddie Hall and Brian Shaw)


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    Eddie Hall and Brian Shaw FUNNY Struggling with everyday stuff, funniest giants in the worlds ! enjoy.

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    Eddie Hall:
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    1. Adis Mukača


    2. Sarstan

      2:45 Next time on Dragonball Z! Chiaotzu versus Napa!

    3. Tony Antonio

      i understand why some body builders wear no shirt at all

    4. Red eye Loner The Commander & 9a-91 The Lieutenant

      Strongman big muscles Can't even open a water bottle.... 🤣

    5. DragieULTRA

      this is evidence that humans have no right to be proud of their strength..... all purpose was to gain strength and if one cant take his shirt off what kind of strength that is? i do understand tho that many bodybuilders are humble and down to earth..... its the arrogant ones who are blind to such evidence

    6. arclucifer89

      Too Much PROTEIN!!!!

    7. istemez 52


    8. Doc eb

      this, convinces more for the need of Anthropometry..

    9. Uğur Toğaçar

      John Coffey

    10. Owen Flores

      Struggle of normal human: sitting with bodybuilder or strongman

    11. Hubert Maruszkin

      Whats the name of the music at the very beginning?

    12. Haziq Irfan

      Semut berkawad 1 1 hora horey

    13. speedy x

      Sorry....but it's funny 🤣

    14. abhi2349

      Anyone knows about the music at the begining?

    15. Juan Valerp

      To sum up, dont consume so much roids.

    16. jaz jayve

      The mineral water! What?

    17. atrimus

      "Look at my hulking delts!" - Ok put your shirt back on - 😳

    18. Hasan noor Aldin


    19. Rudi Rakete


    20. pPe

      Do you even fit bro?

    21. OneHitWarrior1

      2:59 the water bottle cap was super glued, theres a video about it

    22. Uɴᴅᴇʀʀᴀᴛᴇᴅ

      "hmmm i wonder🤔" mr.bean😳

    23. Derek Flodin

      How do they wipe? Do they have to hire someone? What a shit job.

    24. MaxIsLate

      I wish i could look like that but unfortunately my work doesn't let me


      Funny part was not able to reach back😂

    26. Osifeso Johnson

      I cant imagine having such big body......

    27. Lucho Tsonev


    28. Stuti Mishra

      Music - Na bole tum na maine kuchh kaha 😅

    29. Abhimanyu Jagadale

      The violin brings Hindi song to mind Na bole tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha....

    30. joshmo27dhtotrnts

      All those muscles but can't take a shirt off

    31. some guy

      The water bottle! Savage shot!

    32. Federico Mandorino

      If they struggle getting dressed how can they clean their arse

    33. Eric Hollen

      2 plane tickets

    34. cliff cox

      Imagine the care takers when they get old and infirm.

    35. Geoff Worsnop

      So definitely you're useless bro , look you can't even take off your clothes

    36. Geoff Worsnop

      So definitely you're useless bro , look you can't even take off your clothes

    37. Marc Henderson

      Dude I’m 6’1 275 and I have a tough time with those airplane bathrooms, there is no way that guy can fit in there hahahaha.

    38. 1 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2021

      America : He Is Unable To Set In The Car He Is Too Huge And Strong Creature India : साले किटना फेल गय है 😤😠 और खिलवाओ मोटाकहिका

    39. Yate's The Hitman

      Imagine getting stuck in the toilet for hours

    40. Forek

      Can someone tell me the song title ?

      1. Deniz

        Some version of "johnny i hardly knew ya" i think

    41. Edson Ribeiro

      Kkkk o cara parece um Bisão americano

    42. Esteban Failsmore

      Why cant he open the bottle in the end? I dont get it. Hands too big to grasp it properly?

      1. TearItDown

        The cap was glued, it was a joke.

    43. lotfi Ms

      2:50 the most discomfort thing i ever seen

    44. Anthony Buda

      Mad respect to these guys, it's insane the amount of the work they put in. But I'd hate being so stiff like that. Yeah I'd like to be strong but I don't want to loose all my flexability! That would suck!

    45. Ronald Bernard

      I wonder who wipes his ass

    46. Duke Kim

      Is it true they can’t wipe their bungholes after dropping #2? No hold on actually i don’ wanna know 😏

    47. Danck

      Why aren't bodybuilders able to tuck their elbows in? They trying to fly?

    48. umesh Nambardar

      It is for sure when he met accident there will be no bags opening in the car😂😂

    49. The Ninja-Pirate

      If i lost the ability to lock my hamds behind my back and over my shoulder I would lose it. It would be over for me.

    50. Rick te Kronnie

      - Can lift heavy objects - ..... That's about it

    51. Smooth

      There's always a cost for everything xD You get big ass body but you're not able to take your shirt alone. Would you take it?

    52. Angus Brown

      As a 5'6 dude this is bizarre to watch

    53. akhilesh yadav

      Wtf!!!!! A rhino on horse

    54. Malachi Pollard

      Bro was literally the entire plane row imagine Brian shaw

    55. David Dixon

      They cant even wipe they're own ass. Wtf


      0:18 Just peel the roof off. Haha you know he could.

    57. Vincent You

      Song is When Johny Comes Marching Home if anyone is wondering

      1. JDaBoss

        lmao when I was in elementary school people used to put it just to hear the gay part.

    58. Vincent You

      What song 1:04?

    59. Rosangkima Kima

      Love tgis guy😅

    60. S R

      GL wiping you're own a$$...

    61. MegaMoochyGonzo

      2:00 looks like an apron on this man

    62. mala debie

      1:42 What's his name?

    63. Duck Jr aleatório

      come que esses cara caga?


      haha kadang-kadang bila kita lebih kuat.. terasa siksa diri pulak . haha so funny good guys

    65. Shane Ramjit

      How do they wipe their arse?

    66. Brar 001

      I was thinking of doing strongman, best recommendation by HUgets

    67. Yone Smone Lim

      See this is why you shouldn't become a body builder.

    68. Zach Brownell

      Love that McDonald's is the add for this video

    69. Xellius13

      Aha! I’ll exploit the sticker weakness to the fullest!

    70. Golden Hawk Gaming

      Funny the first one'''

    71. Shashi Kant

      They are so big and strong yet look humble and kind.

    72. Clint Burford

      The guy with the tape was so funny. I bet their friends do that kinda thing to them a lot.

    73. yourtub

      if he sits on a window seat the plane will tip then spiral uncontrollably and crash


      cara, imagina quando ficar velho e realmente precisar de ajuda pra fzr as coisas... se sofrer uma acidente precisa de um guindaste pra levantar...

    75. Jonathan Santamaria

      One time I was sitting between two football players, I was afraid of telling one of them was sitting in my place, so uncomfortable haha but they had nice chat.

    76. Chris Bentley

      To be gargantuan like that would be fun for a bit. But to be that inflexible would suck.

    77. Edilon Moreira Alves

      Os homens são grandes demais kkk

    78. Rafid hassan oney

      Thats why I prefer Lean and Fit body type !

    79. IDunno

      The plane probably tilts to the side eddy is sitting on 😂

    80. KaosKrusher

      nowadays I wouldn't be able to reach that sticker either but 20 years ago I would have

    81. Abdul Quadir

      What about the sex 😂

    82. Muhyee

      How about breathing normally

    83. Nick G

      I’m sure wiping 💩 is a major challenge

    84. Sherwan Burhan

      Isn't the music is jonny I hardly new ya???

    85. Mr M EL B 5

      the song name please?

    86. Pierrick Savigny

      Musique die hard 3 hahahahhaha 👏👏👍👍😂😂

    87. Sakuu

      HeY where is rubbing the butt?? 🤣

    88. Mateusz 000

      3:00 but he is not Giant

    89. Rpg Slayer

      Poor horse

    90. fouad abdallah

      that is why I don't want to be a bodybuilder 😅

    91. My Gaming Channel

      Lol 😂, After this I won't see muscle any cool

    92. Richard Bogere

      JESUS CHRIST loves y'all

      1. Rob

        Thank you.

    93. Rolando Povis

      1:38 This is not how we do in the Mother Russia. Putin used to break chain mails

    94. Kristian Heinert

      It is AN airplane

    95. Andy Solvig

      Same thumbnail from 7 months ago but flipes and that he got a orange t-shirt

    96. GreanYouTube No.1

      Horsedrop crying ?

    97. ذيب Q8١٠١


    98. Raid Ikem


    99. Jroahz GT

      Imagine if he died how big his ⚰️ is

    100. EMILIO962

      I wonder how they go to the bathroom