Welcome ! if you like custom stuff then you're a at the right place, this channel is all about customizing gaming (Ps5, Xbox Series, Nintendo switch ...) related stuff using hydro dipping.

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  1. Donte Bates

    I need mine done but with Mario characters...or WWE, maybe a New Day pattern (unicorns and pancakes lol)


    How did you get the background on the switch

  3. Juju pro gamer

    That's lit

  4. Skeng in my blazer

    And the best part is they’re all 100% natural

  5. Puggy

    Ok I'm glad you took all the electronics out. I thought you would just straight dunk it.

  6. Meghan Wilsdon-Hays

    I’m so glad I wasn’t the only person who watched this and thought Nintendo...PlayStation... I mean how wonderful would the world be if all gaming platforms could play all games. No more discrimination! Gamers would be free to love one another! I can feel it the rebellion is happening. Who’s with me!

  7. boost junkie

    i like when they fail and try again and fail again 😂

  8. Meghan Wilsdon-Hays

    Can we just stop and appreciate the editing on this video. Loved the sound effects synchronized with the video movement. It was over the top cartoon style and it fit the theme so well. Loved how much thought was put into this. I won’t gush but if I had a score card I would hold it up with a 10.

  9. Julio AA

    Que vasura

  10. no no

    "rebellious" teenagers ain't got a thing on this guy

  11. no no

    Now I wanna custom Splatoon themed pro controller...

  12. Lucas Verdonk

    Wow how do you feel about your HACKED switch

  13. Aiden Skinner

    How did u get that home screen

  14. Ivan Perez

    How do I mod my switch to get that ui and screensavers?

  15. Elpear

    Nice custom theme on ur switch ✌

  16. Киря

    8:14 амогус

  17. SnowWolf_Gaming_YT

    Im so glad he didn’t just dip the whole thing in the paint otherwise that would’ve caused major damage to the components of it

    1. TearItDown

      😅 I'am not that crazy (yet)

  18. SlurpShells

    Wow that is so Cool

  19. Manas Joshi

    Giants having fun. Every video Eddie Hall.

  20. el rabos Xdh

    Ise todo lo el men iso pero al prender mi consola ya no prendia ;-;

  21. Sir Softi

    Ngl the all white switch looks fire

  22. Jj Neverro

    How do you put that background on your switch

  23. um pouco de tudo

    O que tu usou para fazer? What did you use to do?

  24. um pouco de tudo

    Tem como fazer dragon ball Has how to make dragon ball

  25. SmoGames(No commentary gaming channel)

    Is nobody going to question his switches UI and custom backgrounds?

    1. TearItDown

      😅 Plz don't

  26. heitorPlaygames

    Omg you crazy

    1. TearItDown


  27. Amal Edrisi

    wow that's fire! I would pay you to have a Nintendo switch like this too!🔥

  28. Patrick Bobrowski

    The one friend that chill with two best friends and trys every time to be a Part of that crazy moment

  29. Tall_Chest

    There are more switch themes?!

  30. akcream

    Okay this video is badass. Especially when grand theft auto music comes in💰💰🤙

  31. SHINOBI Dark

    I would love to do that but I’m too dumb to dismantle and rebuild a Nintendo switch

  32. Monster2468

    Why does no one talk about the fact, that the left joycon was dipped twice, but we only saw it once And the one time we saw it, it was dipped with the wrong side up. But all in all very cool.

  33. S31Ender

    The waterbottle thing (even if that one was a prank...) is real. Had that a few times. The bottle portion near the cap twisted rather than the cap.

  34. Hermanos Fernandez

    0:30 that was an assassination attempt

  35. Jimmy James

    Looking for this screen


    Hahahahahaha putang ina kaya proud be Filipino ako dito sa pilipinas walang fake ehhh

  37. KeeleyChaos

    Nintindo switch ui does NOT look like that.

  38. Cassie Wang


  39. Shaianne Bell

    Can you us show how you customized the background to you Switch? 🥺‼️ Also, this was BEAUTIFUL 😭💯

    1. es

      Need to have a Switch that can use Custom Firmware and then run NX Theme Installer.

  40. Jibb3rs

    How in the actual shit did you change your switchs UI?

  41. Chapacap


  42. Ion87

    Bravo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  43. Daniel Monroy

    Why not buy a new shell, dip that one, and you'll still have the original.

    1. Daniel Monroy

      @TearItDown well yea, why use original nintendo brand, why not a random shell?

    2. TearItDown

      These were additional Joycons that I had (the left one is red and right one is blue, originals are blue and red)


    Flex wheeler weighted 3335 pounds??? Jokin

  45. Miguel Jimenez

    An now u got the dopest switch in the game

  46. um pouco de tudo

    O que tu usou para fazer?

  47. superbn0va

    That artstyle was perfect too. This or super Mario bros 2 art on my switch 👌

    1. superbn0va

      @TearItDown Good one too

    2. TearItDown

      What about Zelda SS ?

  48. Icepatrole

    Switch looking amazing 10/10

  49. DerpyLemon OnYT

    hydro dip a xbox controller with mario odessy or mario maker or something

    1. TearItDown

      Halo ?

  50. Shibalik Dhara

    So much of the Hydro Dipping film goes to waste

  51. Ingrid Schäfer

    Ey der ist doch deutsch

  52. Gisela Wanke

    cooles video

  53. Captain Kaveman

    Sooooo custom backgrounds????

    1. TearItDown


  54. Joan Zambrano


  55. ahmed jilani

    I noticed that your Home Screen was customised, how do you do that?

    1. ahmed jilani

      @TearItDown lol I bought online like 3 days ago

    2. TearItDown

      @ahmed jilani the only issue is that you can get banned from online services by nintendo

    3. ahmed jilani

      @TearItDown awww, :(

    4. TearItDown

      Custom firmware 😔

  56. Bá Tiếp Cao


  57. Jarda M.

    Markus Ruhl legend 💪

  58. grace da gacha pleb

    You know that man has dedication when you dips his hands in his well

  59. Maheshwaran Gnanasambantham

    all the students behind cheering are just sad and doing all this cuz they already paid the Fees and its non-refundable

  60. shubhanshu

    he looks like the dad of that bully kid next to Mr. Bean's house in the animated series

  61. Matthew Armstrong

    Whats the life on this like? Heard that the switch isnt good when it comes to wraps

    1. Matthew Armstrong

      @TearItDown zelda would be awesome! Cant wait 😁

    2. TearItDown

      it's cool, it doesn't wear off, but i'am not into pokemon that much, i might change it into a Zelda console in a new video :)

  62. Luna Lumanis

    I was sure to skip the unnecessarily dramatic shots.

    1. TearItDown

      Haha! it's that bad ?

  63. Emma Scott Miller

    I would ne ver do that to my switch lol

    1. Emma Scott Miller

      @TearItDown I would be nervous that I would not be able to put it back together lol

    2. TearItDown

      Haha why not ?

  64. Cooking Parker

    The crooked ticket objectively suffer because coffee remarkably wipe including a thinkable flock. cooing, longing line

  65. Süper Kedi

    Omg I NEED IT OMG IM POKEMON FAN (big fan)

  66. Sergey68Rus Chornuy


  67. sanzboy YT

    0:03 how is there a background there

  68. victor vazquez

    Falsos j

  69. Erick Lugo

    Just like the priests to fake healing ppl or exorcizing them, where they were in the pandemic? 🤔🥋👌🤣

  70. Kevin 11

    That looks amazing 😮❤️🙌

  71. juan G

    Estoy llorando de la emoción, Vértigo, estoy asustado de tanto, gracias... gracias por tanto talento falso

  72. S̆̈M̆̈M̆̈2 M̆̈ĭ̈c̆̈k̆̈ĕ̈y̆̈ĭ̈n̆̈k̆̈

    How to turn your switch into a pokemon themed switch 😎👍

    1. TearItDown

      Custom firmware :(

  73. Hookahnadian

    The whole switch theme is dbz..but puts pokemon for the hydro art

    1. TearItDown

      I might change that

  74. Fortnite dragon

    I wish you were my friend and could teach me this is amazing

  75. Margarita Puelles

    No quedo bien XD

  76. Rendall Smith

    Wow j’adore le résultat 🔥🔥

    1. TearItDown

      Merci 💯

  77. Mario Rojas

    Love ur edits.how do you change ur wallpaper

    1. TearItDown

      Thanks ! you can't change the wallpaper on the official firmware :(