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  1. Barış 1000RR

    ''Clostrophobia intensifies''

  2. John Aldrin

    This mostly Chinese, i hope covid-19 is FAKE too 🤣🤣🤣

  3. BLACK and PROUD

    sometimes i want to see a real UFC figter pretend to be fake martial arts. i need those kind of prank

  4. Allen Flores

    I hope bruce lee and jackie chan show them are fake

  5. Monkey_YT

    This is martial art not dance class

  6. Monkey_YT

    You have to appreciate them bc they at least try

  7. Anton

    Damn i need to do this same but i am fearing

  8. Anton

    Poor console

  9. Jai Goswamii

    Nobody Average man in Disney movies:

  10. Merce

    7:20 "This techniques is called: IHaveAbsosutelyNoIdeaWhatIAmDoingJustu"😂🤣 [End]

  11. Burger Pickle

    They throw medicine balls around like They're beach balls

  12. djdjdjdh sushdhdh

    7:30 que carajos? Ellos usan deportivos de alta gama como vehículos de policía y aquí en México eh visto hasta tsurus como patrullas

  13. Ahmed ahmed


  14. xPLAYzed

    2 гиганта веселятся

  15. Wilson Mortigo Caicedo


  16. Ömer Onaran

    Man that looks awsome

  17. Lucas Smith

    Oh man. Back when Eddie and Thor didn’t want to kill eachother

  18. Tpv Coruña

    Si quieren ser gigantes... Tienen que aguantar con estas cosas. Si no... Que sean normales. Obviamente

  19. michael eagle c

    2:34 sea lions chest bumping each other LUL

  20. Iman Mohseni

    Legendary man 7.1 ft

  21. Piero Melpignano


  22. Igor Malush

    Слабенькие сосудики у белковой субстанции....

  23. RTR Gamer

    He is in American diggers show

  24. just some guy

    If I'm being honest, I didn't think eddie was this bug. He just seems so small because of Brian. I was sorely mistaken.

  25. Jade Cronin

    He should be kneeling not standing up .make me sad white shirt should be training him 😔😔😔😔😔

  26. James

    They Big Bros

  27. Vedad Čano

    Name of the melody pleaseee

  28. Eddy Jedy

    Superbe vidéo 👍🤩

  29. *Christo Reynard Mariya Chris*


  30. shane mcdaniel

    Are they all 5 feet and under ?

  31. Eddie Kump

    Why these clown masters dare to mock the martial arts like this? Any fighting style requires discipline, hard work, and respect. These clowns are a disgrace for martial arts. If they are so good, like they claim to be, they should compete with real fighters.

  32. Kayla Marie

    Awesome fun video lol

  33. Fishy

    Witch song is played?

  34. Melvyn Paclibar

    They too have trouble wiping their ass

  35. The Kill

    Fake masters🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  36. Tech Cookie

    That's wayyy too much thermal paste

  37. Eliza Espinoza

    Exelente video 😊

  38. Fallacy Wrecker

    Fake Energy Master: Do you even know how to kill me? Wolverine: I will cut your goddamn head off and see if that works.

  39. ekagrah hembrom

    I didn't need to be a martial artist to know how 'real' they were

  40. Andrew Chi Osbourne


  41. Fc3s808

    Sound like aussies

  42. Rodolfo Manicone


  43. Филипп Люблин

    Всего лишь гора мышц,а толку 👌



  45. jacob brown

    Horse don't like ur weight 😥😥😥😂😂😂

  46. Rajat Thakur

    Kai green

  47. E3Commander

    600lb life but they are muscular

  48. praytopesci

    i lot of people say paid actors. but its more sad than that. the psychology is not well understood, but those students are as delusional as the "sensei". Everyone in those rooms beleives the guy has telekinetic powers and follows it in a cultish fashion. they actually pay the dojo. People are weird and so can the brainwashed mind.

  49. Marco Silva

    Maestros payasos, sobre todo ese de traje jjjjj

  50. Jake

    Each one of those slaps in the elevator is enough to send any average person flying 10ft

  51. Eljohn Timbol

    Imagine you stand beside them in the elevator😂


    Má ôi, Huỳnh trưởng môn lên top 1 luôn

  53. Marvelynne K

    I'd love to see that fat asian bloke in the poorly fitting suits get absolutely leveled. His fakery is especially egregious because he has so many sycophants that are only too willing to contribute to the fiction.

  54. Rejimar Gali


  55. Briana Batrick

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  56. Rafael Razo

    Yo año me atrevo😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  57. Angels Olives

    Alguien habla español

  58. Lourence C

    punta kayo dito sa pinas bali buto nyo pag suntokan

  59. Ronald Ferrer

    Funny idiot scene..hahaha

  60. Atul Kadam

    So basically it is a burden😂😂 Glad... Never gonna let this happen to me

  61. *AAHLIYAH*

    I told my hubby to stop the weights..felt like I'm laying next to a bag of warm bricks..now he's got a little belly and getting thicc all over. 😂😂😂 Thanks quarantine

  62. Yuji

    Comment ta fait pour le fond d'écran ?

  63. mrFoxYou1


  64. Trevor Abbott

    Theoretically, that amount of force with that weight bag thrown aggressively at Brian's Head could have potentially broken his neck, even if he is a giant. Especially since he wasn't ready for it. Thankfully he's a Behemoth and has a thicker neck.

  65. Atharva Joshi

    I expected that guy at last with the red dress to be kicked in the face with those high pencil heels😂😂

  66. It’s more than ART

    Where is Arnold in the list man

  67. Nivhar mAcharre

    3:46 🤡

  68. jann supremo

    Why they lose flexibility when they get a lot of muscles. Care to enlighten me?

  69. My Name Is My Name

    And this is why having too much muscle qualifies you for Disability Income

  70. Hilda Nabuya

    Is Eddy Hall SiNgLe 😌

  71. David Nicolás Avalos bordon

    Hasta a mí me dio vergüenza por el solo hecho de mirar ésto

  72. Canon Kingsley

    Id laugh at you but im pretty sure you can kill me with one punch. 😆

  73. Tristan Smith

    I'd like to be built a little bit, but not to the point where I cant walk normally and I can't put my own clothes on.

  74. Gamertry2

    I haven't laughed this hard in forever

  75. Flex Cl

    nice biceps (:

  76. Andrés Melo

    01:52 this guy didn't get paid!!! This one killed me... 😂

  77. János Lakatos

    Mi a bizonyíték az 5 re hogy csaló?

  78. raykrom

    4:01 ah bah du coup t français 😂🤙

    1. TearItDown