Welcome ! if you like custom stuff then you're a at the right place, this channel is all about customizing gaming (Ps5, Xbox Series, Nintendo switch ...) related stuff using hydro dipping.

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  1. XΣΠΩ Π7

    I don't think I belong here...

  2. Manolo Xines

    Really good this Nocluejitsui!

  3. layla gonzalez

    😍😍👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 top #8

  4. Yusuf Colak

    8:52 this scene is soo fucking badass with this song

  5. sushanth jayanna

    Better than thumbnail

  6. Shea G

    Can they wipe their own ass?

  7. michael nguyen

    The open jasmine lately melt because physician legally fade within a concerned close. dull, super aunt

  8. B&N Ferguson

    I always see this last guy he is everywhere when it comes to the most fakest shitmasters I really want to kick his ass😄👍

  9. حمو العمل

    وين العرب

  10. amit kumar


  11. Hasan SA - حسن اس اي

    ممكن تنشرلي تكفى 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  12. 80sOutrunFan

    I love the energy, good guys.

  13. Adis Mukača


  14. pawlix921

    Meanwhile me after doing this: So, how I repair this?

  15. Eldos Peter


  16. Sarstan

    2:45 Next time on Dragonball Z! Chiaotzu versus Napa!

  17. Red Pro

    Los colores de los controles están invertidos

  18. Charlitos1988

    si no mencionas la estatura entonces no podemos hacernos bien la idea. pq puede pesar 150kg y sería diferente si solo mide 1.80 o si mide 2.00

  19. White Frost

    Sin miedo al éxito 😎👊🏻

  20. Ash are the best YouTuber I love your stringsCann


  21. Tony Antonio

    i understand why some body builders wear no shirt at all

  22. Gaëtan Ragusa

    8:38 calme toi chérie j'arrive !!!!! on a les mêmes à la maison.....😂🤣😅😀😁🤣😂

  23. Augis

    they should play tennis :)

  24. Devin Bailey

    this was good fun

  25. Helmut Kirchweger

    03:14 lmao "Finish him !!!" made my day .... WAXALITY !!

  26. Bryant Johnson

    Am I the only one that noticed the red joycon @4:00 was dipped with upside down pokemon characters. Then the end clearly shows bulbasaur at the base and not around the joystick.......I was so bugged that the characters were upside down but then magically fixed in the end...


    Beautiful 🔝🔝🔝

  28. Nelson Rodriguez

    Fat dude moves like Elvis 🤣🤣😂

  29. Akai Hakujisai

    Võ hài của Việt Nam đấy kkk

  30. King Fire storm

    Man this is pure art awesome work 😍

  31. Leroy Bosty

    you should be in wwe

  32. Enzy974 Smith

    Je kiff sa J'ai super envie tu me fais aussi

  33. Peter Glynn

    The guy in the suit would make a good brakedancer as for his kung-fu more like slap me some more master.

  34. benjamin lamey

    a bunch of elephant kids playing around. enjoying life and being jackasses ... they can be serious when they have to, but what an effort ...

  35. Betty Blue

    I'm gonna tell my kids these are the Bushwackers .

  36. Spy account

    Video:GTA V Soundtrack:GTA SA TRAP REMIX

  37. Cosmo Days

    I think he poked the bear when he threw the medicine ball at Shaw

  38. The Mad Bomber

    some wizard cast a spell that turned walruses into humans

  39. Dana Lášová

    I want an xbox O_O

  40. Andre Hpunkt

    Ahh look at the big baby getting his eyebrows waxed. If he thinks that's bad, he should try *THE STRING* (now that's enough to make a grown man have his eyes water).

  41. r0ck dezzz

    wow its like a rhino vs an elephant

  42. italyyyman

    Wheeler weighed a lot less even in the off season, not correct

  43. Red eye Loner The Commander & 9a-91 The Lieutenant

    Strongman big muscles Can't even open a water bottle.... 🤣

  44. DragieULTRA

    this is evidence that humans have no right to be proud of their strength..... all purpose was to gain strength and if one cant take his shirt off what kind of strength that is? i do understand tho that many bodybuilders are humble and down to earth..... its the arrogant ones who are blind to such evidence

  45. arclucifer89

    Too Much PROTEIN!!!!

  46. Ask Me A Question About This Video

    Holy shit that sound at 0:09 scared me so bad I thought it was judgment day.

  47. 원스

    0:10 that sound destroyed my fking ears thanks I can't ear shit now

  48. Lina Mira

    Quiero mi nintendo switch así.😭❤️😍

  49. Andreanne Huard

    Thank you for this! I always have trouble remembering this

  50. ExTRiM hgj


  51. Slifer7564

    Can you buy this paper or?

  52. mattster2810

    How did he get a home and Lock Screen

  53. Cjblanch

    so cool! omg!

  54. istemez 52


  55. Courtney Devine

    Hi can I have the costume Nintendo switch

  56. Gab


  57. PeasantThoughts

    If all the football lads in the UK looked like this there wouldn't be a fight in the world they could lose in!

  58. Bongo Bongolovski III

    8:33 the guy on the right 😂

  59. Nikt Niewiem

    1:35 doors to that elevator open and you don't know those guys, what do you do? :D

  60. jay bennett


  61. Doc eb

    this, convinces more for the need of Anthropometry..

  62. wow wawiwaw

    Wow this is amazing acting

  63. Arya

    One slap from that hand and you're out of this dimension.

  64. Olaf Van Kempen

    Its awesome did you do that?

  65. Panchon Tlacuatzin

    Wtf how can anyone be so friggin huge

  66. Jakel666

    poor atv

  67. Echo Rockmore

    How long do you wait for it to dry?

  68. Echo Rockmore

    Pretty impressive. I couldn’t do this because I’d take the controller apart and not know how to put it back together properly 😅😅😅

  69. xTINYtOOthPICKx

    If all of these men started fighting each other literally no one would be able to stop them

  70. TheBr1ck123

    But PS4 can't play any super mario game...

    1. TearItDown

      @TheBr1ck123 I'am joking, but Super Mario 64 has been ported to the Ps4 (need a hack tho)

    2. TheBr1ck123

      @TearItDown Name one super mario game on ps4, but it is still a cool vid

    3. TearItDown

      Thus is not true

  71. Nico Rigan

    How do you have other designs on your switch ?! 👀

  72. Golden Guy

    Lol shoulda watched the whole video before yeeting my cousins switch into paint

  73. fayçal LAZIZI

    و يبقى وجه ربك ذو الجلال و الإكرام.

  74. Mr. Thickey

    “Ach du lieber, Mr. Markus”! Amazing what the human body can achieve with working out? BUT what good did any of these guys do except blow up their own EGO!!! They admired themselves! Couldn’t these guys have put all their strength to some good practical use? “Me, myself, & I”!!! Quite a threesome! A big Silverback Gorilla from the Congo could tear their arms off, & outweigh them by at least 200lbs! “ Wunderbar”!!!!!

  75. Eva C

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  76. Alicia Anderson

    Impressive. And gross. Mostly impressive. But still pretty gross.